Autumn Hiking Tour ー Mt. Sekirozan in Kanagawa

Do you all like mountain climbing? Have you ever been hiking in Japan?
Every spring and fall, we at Coto Japanese Academy arrange day-trip hiking tours to various mountains in the Kanto region.
Ms. Mitsuoka, one of our teachers, served as our guide this time. Mountain climbing is a big hobby of hers, and she previously had experience as a tour conductor for a travel company. We chose Mt. Sekirozan in Kanagawa Prefecture as the destination for this fall’s tour, one of the 100 famous mountains in the Kanto region.
Just a little over an hour from Shinjuku Station by the Kaiji limited express train, Mt. Sekirozan is in a very convenient place. While it is easy to get to Mt. Sekirozan from Tokyo, because it is still not well known there are few mountain climbers. It is a spot that is off the beaten path during the busy season for autumn leaves. With an elevation of 694 meters, and Lake Sagami nearby, one can also enjoy activities other than mountain climbing.
There was a total of 30 participants for the hiking tour this time, including students, Coto Japanese Academy teachers, and other Japanese friends who like hiking. On the day of the hiking tour the fall leaves were just beginning to change color, and we were blessed with the perfect weather for hiking.
At 8:00 a.m. we gathered at Shinjuku Station and took the limited express train to Sagamiko Station. After transferring to a bus, we started hiking just past 9:00 a.m.
Autumn Hiking Tour ー Mt. Sekirozan in Kanagawa
We hiked amid the beautiful scenery of the autumn mountain, enjoying the large rock formations and the strange looking rocks along the path. As we walked along the path, we had a lot of fun as we enjoyed talking to other students who usually study in different classes.
Autumn Hiking Tour ー Mt. Sekirozan in Kanagawa
While it might have been a difficult mountain path for those who were not used to climbing, everyone safely reached the summit! From the summit, It was exhilarating to overlook the surrounding mountains and the beautiful scenery that spread before our eyes.
After the hike, we went to the long-awaited hot springs to bring relief to our tired bodies.
At a day-trip hot spring bathing facility that was built on a hill and surrounded by the forest of Lake Sagami, we were able to look at the Mt. Sekirozan we had just climbed while sitting in a liberating open-air bath that was encircled by trees.
Autumn Hiking Tour ー Mt. Sekirozan in Kanagawa
Thanks to great planning, and the great members who joined the hiking tour, we were able to enjoy a wonderful autumn day.
A sincere thanks to our guide Ms. Mitsuoka, and to all those people who participated.
At Coto Japanese Academy we hold a variety of events every month.
On December 13th, we are planning a year-end party as the culmination of the year. We hope that everyone can join us at this party.

秋のハイキングツアー石老山 in 神奈川

















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