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Are you homeschooling your child and looking for language learning resources? Japanese is a good fit for homeschoolers due to its unique visual writing systems.

Below we have laid out several apps that would be good for homeschoolers learning Japanese.

 Dr. Moku’s Hiragana and Katakana
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Doctor Moku’s Hiragana and Katakana:  With a fun and friendly visual interface – this app teaches the basics of two of the Japanese writing systems.  It is family-friendly and a great way to learn – appropriate for younger students.  It is also very friendly to absolute beginners – and should spark an interest in the continued study.

Screenshot ImageScreenshot Image


Ios Link – Dr Moku
Android Link – Dr Moku


Mind Snacks: Japanese

Mindsnacks is a visually stunning and fun Game-based learning app.  With different quiz and challenge modes you can learn many nouns and expressions in Japanese as well as the basics of the writing systems.  It’s quite fun!

Mindsnacks – IOS link

Duolingo – Japanese


Duolingo Japanese Review Summary

The most comprehensive of the learning apps we will suggest – this may not be age-appropriate for the little ones – but can serve 11 years and up quite nicely.

duolingo Japanese translation screenshot

Duo-lingo comes close to being a comprehensive textbook for Japanese learning – and its visual style and gammification make it a natural choice for students who easily get distracted.  They will have fun trying to get points and collect badges.

You even get an avatar and can spend the virtual currency that you get on your owl avatar to dress them up.

duolingo -- bag in Japanese


Duolingo  – Android Link
Duolingo – IOS Link

Human Japanese Lite

For high-school aged homeschoolers that are looking for a digital Japanese textbook – we recommend human Japanese – as it is the most comprehensive digital textbook and you can download the lite version for free.

See some screenshots below:

Screenshot Image


Human Japanese Lite – IOS Link

Human Japanese Lite – Android Link

Live Online 1-1 Lessons for Homeschooling

In light of the Covid-19 situation affecting Schools across the world – Coto has decided to start offering its online lessons to homeschoolers and their families that are looking for a supportive language program.

Are you a parent that is trying to teach a language through e-learning?

At Coto Japanese academy we offer a free consultation to help plan a study plan for your homeschool student.

We offer supportive and friendly teachers that will help your children learn Japanese face to face via video chat in an engaging way.

Benefits of Coto Online Lessons for Homeschoolers

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Speaking practice or learning practice
  • Study on a set / regular schedule with the same teacher
  • Study with different teachers as little or as much as you want!

If you are interested in signing up your child for homeschool lessons – please fill out the contact form below:

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