I like how Coto Japanese Academy (ILS) is friendly! #10 Andy

★Introducing testimonials from student’s of ILS (Iidabashi Language School) before it became Coto Japanese Academy

“I like how this Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) is friendly!”

Andy/ Nihongo Plus, Private Lessons /  Upper Intermediate / UK

I have lived in Japan for 13 years, and I want to speak the language better in order to enjoy my time in Japan more. I don’t have much opportunity to use Japanese except at home because I am an English teacher, so at work I only use English. At Coto Japanese Academy, I developed my speaking skills including fluency and coherence, range and accuracy of language, and pronunciation. I gradually gained the confidence and ability to use Japanese more outside the classroom !

Coto Japanese Academy is very close to my office. Like when you choose a gym, convenience is very important otherwise you stop going! I can go just before work. What decided me is the great quality of the school ! I like the way it is friendly, how the staff pays attention to each and every student !

The private lessons are good because you can quickly check anything you’re unsure about in your textbook with your teacher then practice the speaking skills and language from the textbook. You can also ask your teacher for help with specific things you’re having difficulty with such as situations at work, or written correspondence with online shops etc.

Nihongo Plus is very interesting because you have the chance to discuss interesting subjects in small groups. It is a clearly structured lesson with skills and language input and lots of opportunity for spoken practice !

I would say that Private lessons are good for motivated people who have time to prepare before the lessons. Nihongo Plus is good for most people because the fact that it is a group lesson means it is fun, motivating, you can teach and learn from each other, and you can practise a lot.

I will keep studying and try to speak Japanese more and more in my daily life !

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