Amusement Parks in Japan- Useful Japanese phrases to know

Japanese Amusement Parks

Do you have an obsession with amusement parks? Are you a Disney nerd?

In this blog we’ll round up some of the most well known amusement parks in Tokyo, and in Kansai and share information about them.

We’ll also introduce several useful phrases that you can try when visiting an amusement park in Japan.

Amusement Parks in Tokyo

浅草花やしき (Asakusa Hana Yashiki)

Built in 1853, Hanayashiki is known to be the oldest amusement park in Japan. It is located in Asakusa, right next to the Sensoji temple. They are well known for their oldest roller coaster, and the amusement park is enjoyed from the young to senior generations. 

Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea

Consistently rated as the best theme park in the world by many industry magazines, Tokyo Disney Sea is the crowning achievement of the oriental land company.

It surprises most people to know that Tokyo Disney Resort, which includes Tokyo Disneyland, and Tokyo DisneySea is not owned by Disney outright.

The other surprising fact that most people quickly learn is that Tokyo Disney Land is actually located in Tokyo’s neighboring prefecture, Chiba.

(Chiba Disneyland doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.)

Despite that it is is highly accessible from central Tokyo, with only less than a 15-minute train ride from Tokyo station.

Well known for its party-like and enthusiastic atmosphere. While wandering the Tokyo disney resort – you can commonly see groups of friends or couples wearing matching outfits or have a group theme!

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

“Roller Coaster in Tokyo Dome City” by fakelvis is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0“Dewott in Korakuen, Tokyo 44 (Tokyo Dome City Attractions)” by Kasadera is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Tokyo Dome City Attractions is one of the unique theme parks in Tokyo.

It is located in the heart of Tokyo, surrounding Tokyo Dome, which is used for concerts and baseball games.

It has more than 20 types of attractions, the most famous of which is the Thunder Dolphin Rollercoaster, which is the world’s only 200 foot plus tall rollercoaster that is located in the middle of a major city.

The rollercoaster dives in and out of the LAQUA shopping mall.

As the attractions are a half-day experience, you might want to also check out the laqua hot spring and spa resort which is located in the middle of the concourse and is a great way to experience a Japanese onsen after a long day of walking.

Have a virtual ride on thunder dolphin.

遊園地よみうりランド (Yomiuri Land)

This is a very popular theme park where many families with small children enjoy going.

It has many flat rides and also an area dedicated to educational rides / think Kid-zania.

It is very well known for its illuminations during the winter season. Many couples and families visit to spend their time, enjoying the winter illuminations.

That being said – Yomiuriland is also the home of Bandit – the second tallest rollercoaster in the Tokyo area after thunder dolphin.

And there is also a stand up looping rollercoaster, as well as a drop tower.

So if you are looking for a family park that has a great mix of rides – or a romantic date spot on a winter evening, this is a great park.

Take a virtual ride on Bandit at Yomiuriland


としまえん (toshimaen) / Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

Created by Seibu Railway, Toshimaen was an amusement park in Nerima-ku. It recently closed on the 31st of August, 2020, due to a renewal of the theme park, into a new Harry Potter Studio Tour with Warner brothers. This is a new amusement park that many are looking forward to.

Outside of Tokyo

富士急ハイランド(Fuji-Q Highland)

Fuji-Q Highland is home to many extreme attractions that will get your heart beating in no time. They ranges from extreme roller coasters to thrilling haunted houses. Not to worry, they also offer the standard merry go rounds and teacup rides, where there are attractions available for families of different generations as well.

It is located in Yamanashi, and you can also enjoy the view of the beautiful Mt. Fuji

Learn more about fuji-q with this video

Universal Studios Japan

“Universal Studios Japan” by Mulberry24 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) located in Osaka has recently revealed its newest attraction: Super Nintendo World! Inspired by the Nintendo Super Mario game, USJ has brought the Mario Kart game to life where you can race with Mario and Peach. USJ is also well known for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in 2014. If you are a Nintendo Mario or Harry Potter fan, these two attractions are hard to miss!

See Super Mario World in Action – SPOILERS included

Amusement Park Vocabularies

  • 遊園地 (yūenchi), Amusement Parks
  • テーマーパーク(tēmā pāku), Theme Parks
  • 乗り物 (norimono), Rides/Attractions
  • チケット (chiketto), Tickets
  • 1日パス (ichi nichi pasu), One day pass
  • ジェットコースター (jetto kōsutā), Roller Coaster
  • メリーゴーアラウンド (merī gō araundo), Merry Go Round/Carousel
  • 観覧車 (kanransha), Ferris Wheel
  • お化け屋敷 (o bake yashiki), Haunted house
  • チュロス (churosu), Churros
  • ポップコーン (poppukōn), Popcorn
  • コインロッカー (koin rokkā), Coin locker
  • 列 (retsu), A line/queue

Helpful phrases in Amusement Parks

In the scenario of buying tickets:

ichinichi pasu wo otona futari de onegaishimasu
Can I have one-day passes for two adults?

kashikomarimashita. ichiman hassenen ni narimasu
Certainly, that will be 18,000 yen.

When lining up for a ride

kochira no jetto kōsutā wa hyaku jūppun machi ni narimasu!
kochirakara onarabi kudasai.
There will be a 110 minute wait for this roller coaster!
Please line up from here.

wā. machijikan nagaine
Wow, the wait is very long.

Before and after the ride:

de wa shuppatsu suru mae ni shīto beruto no chakuyou wo kakuninshimasu.
hippatte ugokanai deshitara anzen to iu koto desu
minasan wa daijoubu desuka? de wa itterasshai!
Before we depart we will check for your seatbelt.
It is safe if you pull it and it does not move.
Is everyone okay? Then off you go!

After the ride

minasan okaeri nasai! shītoberuto wa
jidoude hazusu node shoushou omachikudasai!
nimotsu wo wasurenaiyou ni go chuui shitekudasai
Welcome back everyone! The seatbelt will unlock by itself,
so please wait for a moment!
Please do not forget your luggage~

Asking how many people per group (that will ride on the attraction)

nan mei sama desuka?
How many people in a group?

go mei desu.
5 people.

dewa futari to sannin ni natte o narabi kudasai
Please split between 2 and 3 people, and line up here.

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