The Japanese private lessons are great help for my work #9 Adam

★Introducing testimonials from student’s of ILS (Iidabashi Language School) before it became Coto Japanese Academy

“I won the client project with the proposal built during my private Japanese lesson !”

Special Japanese Private Lessons / Advanced / USA

I needed to use Japanese a lot at work. I was confronted everyday with 100 of e-mails, documents, reports and presentations all in Japanese !

I did an Internet search and found out that Coto Japanese Academy is close to my company office. But more than the proximity, what decided me is the very flexible schedule and the professionalism of Coto Japanese Academy’s staff (formerly ILS).

The Japanese private lessons are a great help for my job, especially proposal for corporate training we did together ! It was amazing. I won the client project with that proposal. Thank you so much again, your Japanese private lessons gave me a great boost for my career in Japan !

My next challenge is how to work with Japanese people, how to improve written Japanese and also how to be able to listen to news and read newpapers.

I definitely recommend Japanese private lesson at Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) to business people who need help at work. I would also recommend the lessons to beginners who have been a long time in Japan but never managed the time to study Japanese.


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Coto Japanese Academy is a unique Japanese Language School in Iidabashi Tokyo, we offer relaxed and fun conversational lessons for all levels of Japanese learner. Coto Japanese Academy prides itself on its community atmosphere and fun lessons that focus on creation of opportunities to speak and learn Japanese. If you are interested in studying Japanese in Tokyo – please visit our contact page here.


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