Japanese Intensive Crash Course for Beginners

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If you’re planning to start studying Japanese from ground zero, let us help you set the motion running. Our beginner intensive course is ongoing.

What’s can I expect from beginner’s intensive course?

Our intensive course is designed to dramatically improve your Japanese language skill in a short period of time. In a small group of up to eight students, you will focus on more practical aspects of Japanese and have all the time — and attention — to practice speaking. We see ourselves as your study partner and not just your Japanese teacher.

By the end of the True Beginner’s Crash Course, you will master how to:

  • Read and write hiragana and katakana
  • Introduce yourself and greet others in Japanese
  • Make orders in a restaurant or shop-setting

The teaching method for this course focuses on learning key Japanese phrases and simple words with no explicit emphasis on grammar explanations.

You will learn two to three key phrases per chapter of our materials through immersive usage and also learn the basics of the Japanese phonetic alphabet.

Who is this course perfect for?

This will be a crash course for total beginners. Even if you have never learned Japanese, don’t worry. Our native professional instructors will guide you through completing your study on hiragana and katakana. No one is left behind, but everyone will reach their learning goal nevertheless.

How can I sign up?

Sign up immediately by filling the form below, or contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries.

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Not Your Current Japanese Level?

We have other class options and are also opening intensive courses for learners of different levels, ranging from beginner (N5-N4), intermediate (N3) to advanced (N2). We accept students who never take Japanese lessons and advanced speakers who aim to reach native Japanese fluency.

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