List of Japanese Lessons in Tokyo – 2021 Summer Guide

Looking for a list of Japanese lessons that you can take in Tokyo?

It’s now 2021 and in this blog we will share the list of the available Japanese lessons that you can take in Tokyo.

5 days per week – Intensive Japanese Courses

If you want to progress quickly and improve your Japanese, our Intensive Japanese courses are a good choice.

3 hours a day – and 5 days per week, these courses focus on all aspects of the Japanese language, from learning how to write Kanji, to Japanese grammar, and plenty of opportunities for speaking practice.

There is a morning session and an afternoon session, and you can choose which you would like to join depending on your availability.

Conducted in small groups with a maximum of 8 people.

Levels offered: Complete Beginner to Advanced.

Part-time Japanese Lessons

If you can’t commit to a full-time lesson schedule, then our topic based part-time lessons are a good fit.

Our part-time courses offer a flat syllabus, which means that you can take the lessons in any sequence without worrying about being left behind.

This is great for people with limited or variable schedules who want to consistently practice their Japanese speaking and learn new vocabulary.

Whether you’d like to focus on business communication or expanding your ability to give public presentations or express yourself – we have a part-time class that will meet your Japanese level and need.

Just like our Intensive Courses – our part-time lessons are conducted in small groups with a maximum of 8 people.

Private Japanese Lessons in Tokyo

If you’d like a more personalized learning experience, we also offer private 1-1 lessons with professional instructors.

Private lessons are also good as an addition to group classes or as a way to study intensively or brush up before an exam.

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