2021 Guide to Part-time Japanese Classes

Find a Japanese course that perfectly fits your desired schedule, lesson structure, course level, personal interests, and goals!

Are you a busy individual looking to study Japanese on the side? Do you want to improve your Japanese conversation skill through engaging, conversation-based lessons? Do you want to expand your Japanese vocabulary while having fun?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions above, check out Coto’s part-time courses available at our schools in Tokyo and Yokohama.

What are our part-time Japanese courses?

Coto’s part-time courses are small-group lessons designed for all levels of Japanese learners. They are perfect for those who are looking for a flexible schedule and lesson plan that perfectly fit their interests and desired results.

The part-time courses are

  • Topic-based – different part-time courses include classes focusing on vocabulary and sentence patterns, those focusing on explanation training, those aimed to strengthen your business Japanese, etc.;
  • Conversation-based – all courses focus on developing and improving Japanese speaking skills through broadening vocabulary and grammar knowledge and learning how to apply them to everyday conversations; and
  • Small-group lessons – all courses are conducted in small groups of no more than 8 students, which allows for an engaging learning environment.

Through engaging classes and conversational exercises with teachers and other Japanese learners, Coto’s part-time lessons will surely grow your Japanese speaking ability as well as your love for the Japanese language.

Who are part-time courses for?

Anyone looking to improve their Japanese ability, especially speaking! By focusing on conversational practice and exercises with professional instructors and peers, these courses will transform you into a better Japanese speaker. If your goal is to be able to freely talk about topics completely in Japanese, our part-time courses will yield satisfiable results!

Furthermore, the part-time courses are for Japanese learners ranging from complete beginners to intermediate and advanced speakers, as well as those preparing for the JLPT. You can find a course that matches your own Japanese level, even if you are a complete beginner or have just started learning Japanese recently.

Part-time lessons are also good for Japanese learners who want to create a short-term or long-term customized study schedule. You are able to choose your desired lesson plans and sign up for a combination of part-time classes that suit your Japanese level and personal goals. Even if you are not sure of your goals, our wide selection of part-time courses will help you discover your interests and what you would like to focus on.

In addition, Coto’s part-time courses are also suitable for those with a busy schedule. Because part-time courses are offered frequently on weekdays and weekends in the mornings, daytime, and evenings, you can easily find a class that will perfectly fit your schedule even while working. If you want to make use of your free time, enroll in our part-time courses!

What types of part-time courses are available?

Coto offers many courses for students with different Japanese levels, interests, and goals.

Beginner level courses:

  • Practical Japanese for Beginners
  • Active Basic Japanese Grammar A&B

Upper-beginner-level courses:

  • Effective Drill Training
  • Conversation Level-Up
  • Essential Grammar and Conversation

Intermediate-level to advanced-level courses:

  • Bridge to Intermediate
  • Natural and Fluent Japanese Communications 1
  • Natural and Fluent Japanese Communications 2
  • Business Japanese
  • Japanese Explanation Training
  • Keigo Training

JLPT courses:

  • JLPT Level N3

For more details and information on the focus and lesson content of each of the above-mentioned courses, visit our Part-time Courses page.

How long are part-time courses?

Most courses meet once a week and are 110 minutes long, but some are 50 minutes long, depending on the course you choose.

More information is on our Part-time Courses page.

When do part-time courses meet?

Most courses are available on weekdays as well as weekends in the mornings, daytime, and evenings. You can easily find a time that best works for your schedule even while working.

You can enroll in more than one course simultaneously and build your own study schedule! For example, if you are a Japanese beginner wanting to study basic Japanese skills and conjugations, you can take a Practical Japanese for Beginners course on Monday mornings while also going to an Active Basic Japanese Grammar A&B course on Wednesday evenings.

Click here for a more detailed schedule for each type of part-time courses at Tokyo and Yokohama schools.

How much do part-time courses cost?

For part-time lessons, you can pay monthly for monthly subscription or purchase a package plan. Below are the costs in detail.

Monthly subscription costs:

  • ¥18,000 for 8 lessons / month (2 lessons / week)
  • ¥32,000 for 16 lessons / month (4 lessons / week)

Package plan costs:

  • ¥40,000 for 16 lessons / 6 months
  • ¥76,800 for 32 lessons / 8 months
  • ¥110,400 for 48 lessons / 12 months
  • ¥211,200 for 96 lessons / 14 months

*New students must pay a one-time registration fee of ¥10,000 in addition to the above-mentioned costs.

*Fees for new materials and resources are not included in these costs.

Student testimonials

What do our students at Coto say about our part-time courses?

We were looking for a friendly school that offers a rather flexible timetable (weekends and midday classes) & Coto Academy is recommended. Teachers and staff offer programs that are demanding and encourage at the same time. Plus classes are small, it’s a great place to learn Japanese!

– Susi

My evening part-time classes fit perfectly into my work schedule, and thanks to Coto I was able to reach advanced levels of Japanese and pass the JLPT.

– Brenda

We will be waiting for you at our schools in Tokyo and Yokohama!

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