1-1 Students – Update to the new online lesson system

This post is for current online lesson students to better understand the upcoming changes to our online lesson system.

What do I need to do to start using taking my lessons with the new online system?

On January 13th 2023 we will email you a link to login to the new system.

Login to the new system and update your profile information. You will be asked to set your timezone. Make sure to set your time zone accurately.

Your username and password will be the same as your current 1-1 username and password.

What is changing between the current and new system?

Part of SystemOldNew
Subscription billing cyclePayments for subscriptions are charged 1x per month on the same day of the month.

Ex. March 1st, April 1st
Payments for subscriptions are charged every 28 days.

Ex. March 1st, March 29th, April 26th
Length of LessonsLesson times are offered in blocks of 25 or 50 minutes. Lessons are always 50 minutes.
Learning / Speaking LessonsYou can choose between speaking or learning lessons.Lessons are always learning lessons.
Group LessonsYou cannot join group lessons using the system or your points.You can join group lessons using the same points and system.
Regular bookingsRegular lesson bookings:Your teacher books your lessons on your behalf.

You make cancellations yourself.

Booking every time:You make your own reservations and cancellations.
Regular lessons get replaced by recurring bookings. You join a recurring booking once and the system re-books your lessons automatically.

The only way to secure availability is to have a recurring booking.

You cancel lessons from your account.

One time bookings are booked and cancelled on your own on a one time basis – but you cannot secure a weekly timeslot with one-time bookings.
Cancellations and receiving points backCancelling and Rescheduling is unlimited as long as its 24 hours aheadRecurring booking:2x per calendar month – 24 hours before the lesson you can receive points back.

One-time reservations:24 hours ahead of time – the points are returned.
Expiration datesExpiration dates of points can be extended by purchasing a new package.Expiration dates do not extend – when you buy a new package the expiration date is specific to that package.

Every package is separate and has a separate expiration date.

Subscription points expire every 28 days.
Taking a break from your lessonsIf you take a 1 month break you can keep your regular reservation timeslot.Recurring Booking

Having an active recurring booking is required to keep a timeslot when on vacation for a month or more.

If there are no points in your account, the slot will not be kept.

You can get points back for pre-canceling up to 2 times per 28 days, the third cancellation onwards will cost points.

If you would like to take a longer break, you should withdraw from your recurring booking.

When you come back, you can make another Recurring appointment if the teacher and time are available


Transfer of points & subscriptions

What will happen to my points? When will they transfer to the new system.

Valid points remaining in the account as of 1/12 will be transferred to the new system on 1/13.

Their expiration date will be extended for 30 days from the current expiration date as of 1/12.

Example: You have 20 points with an expiration of March 1st 2023. You will have 20 points added to the new system with an expiration of March 30th 2023.

Will paypal subscriptions transfer?

Subscriptions will not transfer.

We will terminate / finish paypal subscriptions according to your next renewal date.

If your next payment date is:

  • 13th – 31st of December = Last payment in December
  • 1st – 12th of January = Last payment in January.

Immediately following your last withdrawal date we will cancel the recurring subscription on paypal.

Do I need to start a new subscription?

If you have a regular booking you may need to sign up for a new subscription.

This depends on how many points are in your balance.

As of February 1st 2023, students who do not have enough points to make a recurring reservation for the next 28 days will receive an email asking them to sign up for a new subscription.

At that point, please sign up for a new subscription or point package that will cover your ongoing reservation.

The system will process the recurring booking renewal on February 3rd 2023, and every 28 days after that.

The system will send this reminder every period 3 days before the renewal date.

Joining Lessons & Teacher Communication

How do I join lessons?

You will see a list of your class reservations with zoom links on your my classes page.

One hour before the lesson starts the system will release the zoom link.

How do I communicate with my teacher?

We have a new chat system in the website that will allow you to chat back and forth with your teacher.

You can also share files through this new chat system.

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