Japanese National Holiday: Labor Thanksgiving Day

Posted by on November 14, 2016 – School News
Labor Thanksgiving Day

Did you know Japan also celebrates a Labor Thanksgiving Day? The Japanese government established this public national holiday in 1948 after the World War II. This holiday, taking place annually on November 23, commemorates people’s hard work.

On that day, called 勤労感謝きんろうかんしゃ in Japanese, people are encouraged to express their thanks to others. In particular, elementary children offer some of their best drawings to local police stations, fire stations and so on. Some prefectures, such as Nagano, also hold festivals promoting labor’s rights.

Actually, when the Labor Thanksgiving Day was established, this public holiday replaced an ancient festival celebrating the year’s hard work and cereals harvest (新嘗祭にいなめさい). Currently, the Japanese imperial family still celebrates this older tradition.

School Announcement

On Labor Thanksgiving Day (Wednesday), Coto Language Academy will only be open for the intensive course. The school will not hold private lessons or part-time classes.