How to Use your Japanese Air Conditioner Remote

Posted by on September 16, 2016 – Japanese Study
How to Use your Japanese Air Conditioner Remote

If you’ve travelled to Japan during the summer, we bet you probably had some difficulty figuring out how your Japanese air conditioner remote works. Picture this scene: you finally reach your room, all sweaty and hot from being out all day, and the only thing you want is the sweet relief of cold air. You push the button on your air conditioner remote, and the room is flooded with hot air. You start smashing buttons until, hopefully, cold air comes out. Sound familiar?

Depending on the model of air conditioner (アエコン), the remote (リモコン) might seem daunting. Familiarize yourself with a few kanji and you’ll see that “heat” and “cold” functions are easy to set up. Let’s start with the basic functions:

  • ON: 運転うんてん or 入
  • OFF: 停止ていし or 切
  • Cancel:

How to Use your Japanese Air Conditioner Remote

  • Change wind strength: 運転切り替えうんてんきりかえ
  1. Ventilate: 送風そうふう or 換気かんき
  2. Strong: 強風きょうふう
  3. Weak: 弱風じゃくふう
  4. Quiet: 静かしずか
  5. Automatic: 自動じどう

The “change” button will allow you to navigate through the different functions of your air conditioner. If you have an automatic mode, your AC will regulate the temperature and humidity in your room by itself, so no need to set up anything else.

Your priority is to understand “heat” and cold”:

  • Heat: 暖房だんぼう
  • Cold: 冷房れいぼう

You can set up the temperature (温度おんど), the fan direction (風向ふうこう, 風向かざむき, スイング) and its intensity (風量)ふうりょう) with the up and down arrows. If your model offers you a timer function, you can program your air conditioning to automatically turn on or off.

  • タイマー
  • 時間じかん

Other functions:

  • Dehumidify:ドライ or 除湿じょしつ
  • Clean room air: 空気清浄くうきせいじょう
  • Energy saving: しょうエネ

Getting to know your Japanese air conditioner remote is only one aspect of surviving in Japan. If you have just landed, why don’t you join our 4 week Japanese Crash Course?