Where to Find Japanese Language Schools in Vancouver

Depending on your study focus and current Japanese level, we have summarized a few Japanese Language schools in Vancouver for you to look into. Vancouver may seem like a faraway place from Japan, but historically, there have been many ties to Japan and its culture. Currently, there is a large population of Japanese people in Vancouver due to settlers from fishing villages and farms from Japan. Vancouver is a popular place with many options to study Japanese.

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1. Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall (VJLS-JH)

The VJLS-JH Japanese language program offers language programs for adult learners. These programs include a 10-week weekday evening course (online), Saturday 1-year Program, Private Lesson/Private group lessons, and a JLPT Prep course.

  • Address: 487 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1C6
  • Tel: (604) 254-2551
  • Email: [email protected]

2. Yoko Japanese Learning Vancouver

Classes for adults ages 18 and up. This language learning school offers up to 6 levels of courses, private lessons, and the JLPT Prep course. Each class is only limited to up to 4 people for an interactive environment. The lessons are hybrid and carried out in-person and online via zoom.

3. International House Vancouver Modern Languages

Also known as the Japanese school in Vancouver, the International House Vancouver Modern Languages offers a variety of language courses including Japanese lessons. All courses are 8 weeks long, with a maximum of 10 students per class. The courses teach students about every and practical situation. Students learn conversation and written skills through interactive lessons to improve their Japanese.

  • Address: 88 W Pender St #2001, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N8, Canada
  • Tel: 604-739-9836
  • Email: [email protected]

4. Japanese for all People

This is a Japanese language center that provides a variety of lessons from Beginner level, Advanced, Children courses, Conversation classes, and JLPT Preparation classes. Japanese for all the People have also been expanding its Online Japanese courses.

5. Steveston Japanese Language School

Founded in 1960, Steveston Japanese Language school offers a Fundamental stream, Futsu-ka stream for children, and a number of Japanese levels for Adult courses. Courses for adults are targeted from beginners with no experience to students that want to learn Japanese for travel or business purposes. They also offer culture clubs and wellness workshops.

  • Address: 4111 Moncton Street, Richmond, B.C., V7E 3A8
  • Telephone: (604) 274-4374
  • Email: [email protected]

6. Ninagawa Japanese Language Center

Using visual learning, Ninagawa Japanese Language Center has different courses of basic, intermediate, and advanced Japanese courses. Each course is broken down into several specific Japanese levels. The courses are aimed at students studying for the JLPT Exam.

  • Address: 5608 Victoria Street, Vancouver, B.C., CANADA V5P 3W4
  • Tel & Fax: 604-322-1585
  • E-mail: [email protected]

7. Berlitz Vancouver

Berlitz offers a flexible learning style where you can study in-person, online, and in private lessons. On top of that, there are specialized classes for children, as well as Business Japanese lessons for adults that want to improve their keigo.

  • Address: 1100 Melville Street, Suite 320 Vancouver, BC British Columbia V6E 4A6
  • Tel: 1 (604) 685-9331

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