Summer Intensive Course for Volunteer Groups

Are you a Missions group that is sending a small group of students to Tokyo for Japanese study? Are you looking for a short term immersion program that will provide a cultural and historical overview of Japan and Japanese people?
Coto Japanese Academy is offering a group Immersion program during summer of 2018 that is perfect for groups of students, missionaries, and other organizations that are interested in deeply learning about Japanese Culture and .
Coto’s Immersion Program is different because it provides a deep cultural understanding of the Japanese mindset for people that are interested in reaching the Japanese People – We have completed several successful missions intensives and we think that this would be a good opportunity to help missions organizations integrate quickly into Japanese Society.


4 / 8 / 12  – Weeks


3 Hour Daily Intensive Classroom, 2 Hour Real World Intensive

Tuition Fee

JPY120,000 / Month / Person


After-school Volunteering in Japanese Elementary Schools, Cooking Courses, History Courses, Travel to Historical and Cultural Interest Sites – Theological Cultural Competency, and Much Much More.
*Course Schedules are on an as-needed basis and we will work with your organization for the most suitable schedule.

Would you like to study Japanese in Japan?

Realize your dream of moving to Japan and becoming fluent in Japanese.

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