Summer Intensive Course for Volunteer Groups

Are you a Missions group that is sending a small group of students to Tokyo for Japanese study? Are you looking for a short term immersion program that will provide a cultural and historical overview of Japan and Japanese people?
Coto Japanese Academy is offering a group Immersion program during summer of 2018 that is perfect for groups of students, missionaries, and other organizations that are interested in deeply learning about Japanese Culture and .
Coto’s Immersion Program is different because it provides a deep cultural understanding of the Japanese mindset for people that are interested in reaching the Japanese People – We have completed several successful missions intensives and we think that this would be a good opportunity to help missions organizations integrate quickly into Japanese Society.


4 / 8 / 12  – Weeks


3 Hour Daily Intensive Classroom, 2 Hour Real World Intensive

Tuition Fee

JPY120,000 / Month / Person


After-school Volunteering in Japanese Elementary Schools, Cooking Courses, History Courses, Travel to Historical and Cultural Interest Sites – Theological Cultural Competency, and Much Much More.
*Course Schedules are on an as-needed basis and we will work with your organization for the most suitable schedule.

Our new Shibuya school opens in August!

Learn Japanese in Shibuya or Online.

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