New “Lite Intensive” Evening Courses are now here!

What is a “Lite Intensive Course”?

A Lite Intensive course is  

  • 2 Days Per Week (A total of 4x 50 minute sessions)
  • A linear course format (Our current part-time lessons are focused on improving specific skills with a heavy focus on conversation – this is more of a traditional “course” that covers many aspects of the Japanese language)

If you are working full-time or you do not have availability to join a day-time intensive course, it may be hard to find options to study Japanese consistently or thoroughly.

Part-time classes may fit your schedule – but they may not match your learning needs comprehensively.

This is where our new “Lite Intensives” come in.

Our “Lite Intensive” courses strike a balance between learning progress and study commitment.  You can learn and progress in your ability – without having to worry about an overwhelming pace.

This is particularly useful for those who are working or have other commitments in addition to learning.

August Course Details:

For the Month of August – the details of our currently offered “Lite Intensives” are:

Beginner 1 course starts on August 4 -Twice a week course in Academy(Iidabashi) -from 8/4 Tue(Shimomaki) and Thur(Kurumizawa) 19:10-21:00

Beginner 2 course starts on August 3 -Twice a week course in Academy(Iidabashi) -from 8/3 Mon(Kazuko Watanabe) and Wed(Shimomaki) 19:10-21:00

Right now the offered levels are for “false beginners”  If you are unsure whether or not you are a fit for this – please send us an email and we will set up a time to further discuss and check your level.

-Monthly Subscription 32,000 yen/Month + Course material fee.

*Monthly subscription must be continued for three month at least.
*If you cannot continue the course for three months, it is also possible to purchase for two months 64,000 yen+Course material fee as a one-time cost.

Our new Shibuya school opens in August!

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