Meet a Coto Online Teacher: Mika Sensei

This week we sat down with Mika-sensei to ask her about her teaching style for our Coto Online Japanese Lessons

Please tell us about yourself and your teaching style

Hello my name is Mika.
I have been teaching Japanese for 5 years and I am currently living in France. During lessons, I try my best to relax so the students can feel at ease and start to talk spontaneously about themselves. This makes the conversation more fresh and fun, and that’s where the real language comes out. I love to teach Japanese language that can be used instantly!

What Levels do you teach / what textbooks do you use?

“I can teach all levels from complete beginner to advanced using Nihongo Fun&Easy 1 and 2, Genki 1 and 2, Minna no nihongo, Shin kanzen master, Speed master…etc!
In my lessons, you will be talking a lot so I strongly suggest you bring something to drink. :)”

What do you think are the benefits of Coto Online Lessons?

“The best things about Coto Online Lessons:
1. You can take lessons wherever you are and the same quality as in-person at school.
2. You can take lessons anytime you want!
3. And more importantly, you can take lessons in pajamas :)”

Do you have any advice for students considering online lessons?

Online lessons sound a little scary, don’t they? You tend to wonder what they are like, whether the teacher is strict, and whether it’s really possible to learn proper Japanese without going to a class at a school…? But don’t worry, you can just sit and relax with a drink in your hand and leave the rest to me.
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