JLPT N3 Preparation Course: Full Course

¥22,000 / month





N3 Preparation Course

Kanji & Vocabulary Class 19:10-21:00 PM on Monday

Grammar & Reading Class 19:10-21:00 PM on Wednesday

*All on Japan Standard Time(UTC+9).

*No class on national holidays in Japan

Course Features

This course is best for people who are studying for the JLPT exam and would like to have support from a professional instructor. The course has a combination of live classes and self-study assignments distributed via Google Form in order to accelerate your learning.

You can complete the pre-class assignments through Google Form before each class. This way you can prepare for the live classes and focus on what you need to improve. Also, the teachers can structure the live classes based on the results of your assignments, which means the course will be customized for your class.

During the live classes, you will have lectures from our professional native Japanese teachers. We ask that your microphone and camera be turned off during these lectures, but you can send questions to your teacher through Feed beforehand – or by text message during the live classes.

After each class, you will receive the next pre-class assignment. You will also have a monthly review test to evaluate your study progress.

The class is recorded and the participants are able to watch the video for about one month from the actual course. The video recordings will be found in the Feed section within 2 business days from the live class.

Course Materials



Reading: 新完全マスターN3読解

Kanji: Coto Original N3 Kanji Worksheet

Vocabulary: 新完全マスターN3語彙

Please make sure to prepare all books necessary for your course before the first class.

Course Enrollment

The course enrollment takes place on a monthly basis. The monthly charge covers a 1 month period from the day you sign up to the previous day of the following month. (ex: Aug 3rd ~ Sept. 2nd)

If you have completed your course and would like to stop taking classes, please let us know that you would like to cancel before your monthly payment due date, and you will not be charged for the next period.

*This course is non-refundable.


About Sugawara Sensei – Your JLPT N3 Prep Teacher

Sugawara Sensei majored in Educational Psychology in university and took an MBA at Claremont University (USA), MBA.


A message from Sugawara Sensei

Knowing other languages allows you to talk/listen to more people, and you will be able to access more information. Acquisition of Japanese language will enable you to communicate with more Japanese people and to access resources in Japanese. However, I know those are not your ultimate goals of learning Japanese. Your goal might be; to find a better job, to watch Japanese animations with no subtitles, to get along with your Japanese partner, to enter a college, etc. Please do not lose sight of your goal in learning Japanese! As long as you know your goal and stick to it, you will enjoy memorizing thousands of Kanji, reading complicated Japanese articles, knowing grammar and speaking out in the class.

I am happy to assist you in improving your Japanese skills and achieving your goals!

Watch a sample of our online class!

Watch a course sample to see what we mean about “seminar style”

Take advantage of our Coto Virtual Classroom and learn efficiently.

After class – you can view the class recordings to review if you miss anything!


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