JLPT N3 Online Instruction & Exercise Course – Full Course

¥22,000 / month





N3 Preparation Course

Kanji & Vocabulary Class 19:10-21:00 PM on Monday

Grammar & Reading Class 19:10-21:00 PM on Wednesday

*All on Japan Standard Time(UTC+9).

*No class on national holidays in Japan


Course Features

・Lecture style course with an unlimited number of students where students participate with their camera and microphone turned off *Lessons are still conducted and recorded even if there are zero participants

・Classes include explanations of important vocabulary and expressions and tips for solving questions, followed by practice questions

・Any Q&A will be done via the Zoom chat function, with no conversation between instructors and students

・Lesson recordings will be available until one month after the lesson


Course Materials



Reading: 新完全マスターN3読解

Kanji: Coto Original N3 Kanji Worksheet

Vocabulary: 新完全マスターN3語彙

Please make sure to prepare all books necessary for your course before the first class.


Course Enrollment

The course enrollment takes place on a monthly basis. The monthly charge covers a 1 month period from the day you sign up to the previous day of the following month. (ex: Aug 3rd ~ Sept. 2nd)

If you have completed your course and would like to stop taking classes, please let us know that you would like to cancel before your monthly payment due date, and you will not be charged for the next period.

*This course is non-refundable.



1. Rika Yanai

Yanai-sensei majored in Japanese Language Education in university and graduate school. She gained experience teaching Japanese in language schools in both Australia and Tokyo before joining Coto. Additionally, she has worked for a publishing company, where she edited Japanese language textbooks and produced the Japanese NAT-TEST. Yanai-sensei is also fluent in English and Korean.

“Are you enjoying studying Japanese everyday? What is your purpose for taking the JLPT? There are probably many reasons, such as to check your level, to get a job or study abroad, to watch Japanese dramas without subtitles, and so on. However, studying just for the JLPT can be boring at times and you may even get tired of it. In this class, you will not only study effectively for the JLPT, but also enjoy studying practical Japanese that you can actually use. Let’s enjoy learning together!”

2. Mako Nakaya

Nakaya-sensei was born in Tokyo and currently resides in Switzerland. Her interest in teaching Japanese sparked during her studies in modern Japanese literature at university, coupled with her experience as a cram school teacher. Since 2017, she has been working as a Japanese teacher and has gained extensive experience teaching students of all levels, ranging from Beginner to Advanced, including JLPT preparation.

At the N3 level, similar phrases appear in both grammar and vocabulary, making it more difficult to study on your own. I will do my best to support your learning process, so let’s have fun and work hard together!


Watch a sample of our online class!

Watch a course sample to see what we mean about “seminar style”

Take advantage of our Coto Virtual Classroom and learn efficiently.

After class – you can view the class recordings to review if you miss anything!


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