JLPT Special Course Package at Coto Yokohama

Planning to take the JLPT this year to open more opportunities in Japan? At Coto Japanese Academy Yokohama, we’re excited to announce our JLPT Course that runs from July 1 until December 23 — just in time for the 2023 test! The course will help you tackle two of the most difficult sections of the test: grammar and reading.

Taking the JLPT can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, but preparing for the test alone can be scary, and you might want the expertise of teachers who’ve helped people pass the JLPT. This is where our special JLPT course can help!

Our JLPT Course will be held in a small class of 8 students, ensuring personalized attention and effective learning. Whether you’re considering taking the JLPT this December or next year, this course is designed to help you achieve your target score.

The JLPT Course is divided into three levels: N1, N2, and N3. Each level will have separate schedules, textbooks, and lesson periods. Sign up now!

Sign up by May 31, 2023, to get a 5,000 yen discount!

Studying for the JLPT can be challenging, and it often requires a significant time commitment. It can be especially difficult to stay motivated when studying alone. That’s why our JLPT prep course offers valuable support from experienced instructors to help you stay on track and make consistent progress.

To make this opportunity even more accessible, we’re currently offering a special discount. If you sign up before May 31, you can take advantage of our promotion and receive a 5,000 JPY discount, which includes the cost of course materials.

Course Details

This course package is offered at Coto Academy Yokohama. Our small class of eight students will start from July 1 until December 23, 2023 — just in time for the test!

JLPT N1 Prep Course

  • Schedule: Every Saturday at 12:10-13:00 (grammar) and 13:10-14:00(reading)
  • Period: 2023/7/1-2023/12/23(2 lessons/day, Total 48 lessons)
  • Textbook: Nihongo Soumatome N1 & Dokkai Hissyu Pattern N1
  • Total price: 110,400 JYP → 105,400 JPY(5,000 JYP discount)

JLPT N2 Prep Course

  • Schedule: Every Wednesday at 19:10-20:00 (grammar) and 20:10-21:00 (reading)
  • Period: 2023/7/5-2023/12/20(2 lessons/day, Total 50 lessons)
  • Textbook: Nihongo Soumatome N2 & Dokkai Hissyu Pattern N2
  • Total price:115,000 JYP → 110,000 JPY(5,000 JYP discount)

JLPT N3 Prep Course

  • Schedule: Every Saturday at 14:10-15:00 (grammar) and 15:10-16:00 (reading)
  • Period: July 1 – December 23, 2023(2 lessons/day, Total 48 lessons)
  • Textbook: Nihongo Soumatome N3 & JLPT Dokkai N3
  • Total price:110,400 JYP → 105,400 JPY(5,000 JYP discount)

Let’s Work Towards JLPT Success Together!

If you’re a current Coto Yokohama student, let one of our staff knows at the reception desk, and they’d be happy to help you get this course package! You can also get assistance by contacting us directly at [email protected]!

You can also fill out this contact form, and our team will reach out to you to help!

At Coto Japanese Academy Yokohama, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your language learning goals. With our experienced instructors and personalized attention, you can be sure that you will receive the support you need to succeed.

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