Japanese Vocabulary about Post Offices- Cheat Sheet (Part 1)

Need more help with Japanese vocabulary about post offices in Japan? In this cheat sheet, we have listed some common phrases and words for you to use there.

Japan has one of the best postal services in the world, and there are approximately 24,000 post offices in Japan. Post offices in Japan also offer financial services such as banking and insurance that allow the withdrawal of money using a foreign-issued credit card or cash card.

Japanese post offices are open Monday-Friday 9 am–5 pm for mail and Monday-Friday 9 am–4 pm for other services.

Japanese vocabulary can be difficult to learn, but practice makes perfect. This is part one of the cheat sheet for the Japanese post office vocabulary, so make sure you follow up for part two.

Japanese Post Office Vocabulary Sentence Examples

Here is how you form basic sentences with the terminology:

Example 1:


yūjin ni hagaki wo okuru tame ni yūbinkyoku ni ikimashita.

I went to the post office to send my friend a postcard.

Example 2:


kozutsumi ga todoita toki ni ie ni inakatta tame, yūbin posuto ni fuzaihyō ga todoitemashita.

I was not home when my parcel arrived, so a delivery notice was delivered to my mail box.

Japanese Post Office Vocabulary –

ゆうびんきょくyūbinkyokuPost Office
いんさつぶつinsatsubutsuPrinted matter
かきとめkakitomeRegistered mail
こうくうびんkōkūbinAir mail
ふなびんfunabinSea mail
ふざいひょうfuzaihyōDelivery notice
そうりょうsōryōShipping fee

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