Talking about Size, Length, Width and Depth in Japanese (Big, Small, Short, Long, Thin, Thick) Illustrated Guide

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In Japanese, just like in English – there are Japanese adjectives you can use to talk about how big or small something is.  These words are useful for situations where you are ordering food, drinks, or household items like furniture.

Below we have included a list of vocabulary words and several infographics that will teach you the words you need to describe size, length, width and more in Japanese.

【How to describe size, length, and width in Japanese】

大きい :  おおきい  ookii  Big

小さい : ちいさい  chiisai  Small

長い : ながい  nagai  Long (length)

短い : みじかい  mijikai  Short (length)

太い :  ふとい  futoi  Thick

細い : ほそい  hosoi  Thin

Meal Size, image, photo, picture, illustration

Meal Size

【Words for meal sizes in Japanese】

Small – 小 (shou), ミニ (mini), 半分 (hanbun), 少なめ(sukuname), S (エス)

Normal – 並 (nami), 普通 (futsuu), 中(chuu), M (エム)

Big – 大 (dai), 大盛り (oomori), 多め (oome), L (エル)

Extra Big – 特盛 (tokumori), 特大 (tokudai)

Extremely Big – バカ盛り (baka mori), メガ盛り (mega mori), 鬼盛 (oni mori), 激盛り (geki mori)

Japanese coffee drink size in cafe restaurant shop in Japan

【Words for drink sizes in Japanese】

S – 小 (shō), S (esu), ショート(shōto), スモール (sumōru)

M – 中 (chū), M (emu), レギュラー(Regyurā), ミディアム (Midiamu), トール (tōru)

L – 大 (dai), L (eru), ラージ(raaji), グランデ (gurande)

XL– メガ(mega)、ベンティ(benti)

Life in Japan: How to Order Coffee in Japanese

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