Japanese Pharmacy Vocabulary 1 – Cheat Sheet

Need help with learning Japanese pharmacy vocabulary? The cheat sheet below is a compiled list of the vocabulary to help you buy the right medicine.

In Japan, medicine can be easily found in drug stores (ドラッグストア) or the pharmacy (やっきょく). Drug stores are convenience-like stores that are stocked with essential pharmaceutical products. These products can be sold at discounted prices, particularly in chain stores like Don Quijote.

However, drug stores are lined with thousands of different products listed, and navigating your way through the aisles might be overwhelming. It’s good to know the exact Japanese term for a product so you can easily find the one you are looking for.

Fun fact: many tourists often visit Japan for the sole purpose of drugstore shopping due to its cheap yet high-quality merchandise.

Click here for a list of top drugstores in Japan. Remember—practice makes perfect. This is part one of the pharmacy vocabulary series, so make sure to follow up on part two.

Japanese Pharmacy Vocabulary Sentence Examples

Here is how you form basic sentences with the terminology:

Example 1:


chintsūzai o ikkai ichi jō nonde kudasai

Please take one painkiller each time.

Example 2 :


wakarimashita. chanto nonde naorimasu

Got it. I will make sure to take the pills

and recover.

Example 3:


odaijini dōzo

I hope you feel better soon.

Japanese Pharmacy Vocabulary –

かぜぐすりkazegusuriCold medicine
のどあめnodo ame Cough drop
ずつうやくzutsūyakuHeadache medicine
いちょうやくichōyakuStomach medicine
げりどめgeridomeMedicine to stop diarrhea
よいどめyoidomeMedicine for motion sickness
めぐすりmegusuriEye drops

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