Top 16 Japanese N4 Textbooks for JLPT 2022

What’s next after completing JLPT N5? If you want to continue brushing up on your Japanese language skills, it is now time to take and pass the JLPT N4. Of course, it’s best when they have handy resources that can help improve their learning. Read on to learn more about our JLPT N4 textbooks recommendations. 

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We also have separate posts on JLPT N3 textbooks and JLPT N5 textbooks recommendations.


Nihongo Fun and Easy 

nihongo fun and easy jlpt n4 textbooks

Nihongo Fun and Easy are suitable for beginners, even those with no prior knowledge of Japanese knowledge. It allows you to learn natural-sounding, essential Japanese by only including phrases that are used by native speakers. With this book, English translations and romaji are provided, so you don’t need to study hiragana and katakana in advance. For those who are auditory learners, an audio CD for learning conversational dialogues will be provided in both English and Japanese.

The book currently has two volumes:

  • Nihongo Fun & Easy: Survival Japanese Conversation for Beginners 
  • Nihongo Fun & Easy 2: Basic Grammar for Conversation for Beginners

Price: ¥2,743 (you can save 10% if you order both together)
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Genki II

genki jlpt n4 textbooks

Genki is a very popular Japanese textbook series, used commonly by beginners trying to learn Japanese. After completing Genki Volume Two, your Japanese language abilities will be at N4 level. The textbook was first released in 1999 and is currently updated to the third edition. It focuses a lot on conversation and grammar with corresponding reading and writing exercises for every chapter. This book is recommended for those learning under supervision or in a group environment. While it’s not the number one choice for self-learners, it’s been trusted by a lot of Japanese teachers and language schools in Japan.

Price: ¥3,960
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Kanji Learner’s Course Graded Reading Sets, Vol 3: Kanji 201-400

the kanji learner's course

Following the character sequence of Kodansha’s widely acclaimed Kanji Learner’s Course (KLC), this is a must-have for everyone. With over 30,000 reading exercises, this volume consists of 2,071 exercises with 11,800 kanji. The kanji in this book have all been previously introduced in the beginner kanji books and help with reading kanji and understanding kanji-based vocabulary and grammatical concepts. If you have a kindle, feel free to purchase their kindle version to access the built-in J-E dictionary. 

Price: Kindle (Digital) ¥699 | Paperback ¥1,539
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A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar 

a dictionary of intermediate japanese grammar

If you want to brush up on your Japanese grammar, this book is the perfect choice for you. There are in-depth English and Japanese explanations for the grammatical concepts. Around 200 concepts that are the foundation of the language can be found here. This book covers almost everything there is to know about every single grammatical point and includes thorough explanations of common pitfalls to avoid. There are also versions of this book for basic and advanced level students, a must-have for students and teachers.

Price: ¥5,758 JPY
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Minna no Nihongo Shokyu 2 Honsatsu 

minna no nihongo 2

Minna no Nihongo is a popular textbook used both in classrooms and by individuals. It includes essential grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills that can help students vastly improve their communication skills in Japanese. Shokyuu 2 is perfect for those who are trying to improve their Japanese from the upper-beginner level. This is the second edition of Shokyuu 2 where the vocabulary and conversational settings have been updated with new frequently used expressions. The book now comes with a CD and an increase in illustrations for reviewing.

Price: ¥3,780 JPY
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Try! Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4

try jlpt n4 textbook

You’ll hone your grammar skills and learn about grammar strategies and practice reading comprehension. All the mock test chapters are formated similarly to the real JLPT. This book breaks down the learning process of grammar into three steps. You’ll learn how Japanese grammar is used in real-life communication, practice fundamentals and apply grammar points in questions involving listening and reading Japanese. The book includes an audio CD for listening exercises and an answer key pamphlet for all review questions and their practice test.

Price: ¥3,151 JPY
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New Kanzen Master JLPT N4: Vocabulary 

nihongo kanzen master jlpt n4 textbook

The latest addition to the Kanzen Master Series is the JLPT N4 Vocabulary version. The book consists of two sections, Jitsuryoku Yoseihen (practical training) and Mogi Shiken (mock test). In the first section, vocabulary is studied in terms of themes and situations, followed by in terms of parts of speech and usage. You will be able to test your knowledge with the basic exercise and practical exercise section that is in the same format as JLPT examinations. Their N4 textbooks also includes Grammar, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Kanji.

Price: ¥2,233 JPY
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1500 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N4

n4 tango 1500 jlpt n4 textbooks

To pass the N4, you will need to know about 1,500 vocabulary words, which makes this book the right length for test-takers. In fact, it’s the most popular choice for learners who want to focus on vocabulary; all the words are commonly found and tested on the JLPT. The textbook comes with English and Vietnamese translation, too.

After you’re done memorizing, you can check the box and test your skill by covering the word with a provided red translucent sheet — the Japanese vocabulary will ‘disappear’, only allowing you to look at English translations for a ‘mini-quiz’. Words are categorized based on their contextual use. You can head over to their website to access free audio files and practice tests.

Price: ¥1,832 JPY
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Nihongo Challenge JLPT N4 

nihongo challenge jlpt n4 textbook

Learn about the frequently used expressions used in daily life under the N4 level. Multiple illustrations and notes are provided to learn the 600 words in this book. Review practices are in the same format as examinations to help you prepare for the JLPT. Translations can be found in English and Portuguese. If you want to learn more about Grammar, you can check out their Grammar and Reading Practice version. They also have a version for JLPT N4 and N5 Kanji combined.

Price: ¥2,062 JPY
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Kanji in Context Reference Book

The Kanji in Context is a series that is meant for intermediate and advanced learners, but it’s great to have an all-in-one textbook, even if you’re just a beginner. You’ll receive 2136 kanji and kanji-based vocabulary that is essential for advanced Japanese communication. They have multiple indexes consisting of on-kun, form, stroke and vocabulary. Each kanji has 3-6 useful vocabulary words to learn and reading guides. In this series, they also have Workbook Volume 1 and Workbook Volume 2. Save 10% when you order the full set in a bundle.

Price: ¥4,526 JPY
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Nihongo So-matome JLPT N4: Kanji and Words 

nihongo matome n4 jlpt n4 textbooks

The perfect study guide for intermediate-level Japanese students, this book is sectioned into vocabulary, kanji and reading comprehension. It is designed for students to learn 200 kanji characters and 300 vocabulary words in just six weeks. You’ll soak all study material on the left page and apply your knowledge with practice questions on the right page. Reinforce your knowledge with review tests after each section to track your progress. This book comes with English and Vietnamese translations and kanji and vocabulary indexes. They also have a copy for Reading, Grammar, and Listening

Price: ¥2,519 JPY
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Japanese in Mangaland 2: Basic to Intermediate Level 

japanese in mangaland 2 jlpt n4 textbook

If you are looking for something different, try out this textbook and learn Japanese through manga! Volume 2 helps beginners to master the basics of conversational Japanese, grammar patterns and about 360 Kanji characters. Four conversational lessons allow tourists to learn phrases useful for airports, hotels, shops and restaurants. This book also has a culture notes section, giving insight into daily life in Japan.

Price: ¥4,786
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Speak Japanese in 90 Days: A Self-study Guide to Becoming Fluent

speak japanese in 90 days

This is volume two of Speak Japanese in 90 Days. Although they are not technically N4 textbooks, they teach students how to effectively study Japanese, giving them tips to increase fluency to intermediate and advanced levels. There are regular short reading exercises and new vocabulary lists. Aside from learning how to speak, you will also practice your grammar skills and master the fundamentals of intermediate Japanese Grammar.

Price: ¥1,869
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Japanese from Zero! 3

japanese from zero 3 jlpt n4 textbook

Using up-to-date grammar and vocabulary lessons, it features new grammar concepts with over 1,000 new words and expressions. Book 3 is suitable for beginners with basic kanji, and it is a continuation of the previous grammar chapters on Book 1 and 2. Answer key is provided at the back so students can cross-reference their answers and ensure that they are on the right track. Simple example dialogues are taught and this book includes romaji and kana. You will also learn interesting facts about Japan and its culture.

Price: ¥5,728 JPY
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Besides JLPT N4 textbooks, make sure to browse our top picks for workbooks. After all, the JLPT doesn’t consist of theories, but questions taken from real situations.

Marugoto Pre-intermediate A2/B1 

jlpt n4 textbooks marugoto

This is a coursebook based on the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education that teaches language and culture. You will know how to understand commonly used sentences and frequently used expressions used in daily life. Students will be able to communicate about simple and routine tasks and their personal backgrounds. Complete this coursebook and understand essential Japanese conversational skills about work, school, leisure, dreams, events and plans.

Price: ¥2,520 JPY
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JLPT N4 Official Practice Workbook Volume 2 

jlpt n4 textbook nihongonouryoku shiken jlpt

The JLPT N4 Official Practice Workbook allows you to practice under real exam conditions. This book is recommended for those who have already learned the necessary kanji, vocabulary and grammar needed and want to revise. The test is split into three sections, where the vocabulary and kanji section has 34 questions and is meant to be completed in 30 minutes. The grammar and reading section has 35 questions and is meant to be completed in 50 minutes. The listening section has 21 questions and is done with the included CD and illustrations, meant to be completed in 35 minutes.

Price: ¥1,604 JPY
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How many words and kanji do you need for JLPT N4?

You will need to know roughly 300 kanji and about 1,500 vocabulary words (200 more kanji and about 700 more vocabulary than the N5)

How many sections are there in the JLPT N4?

The test consist of 4 major sections: vocabulary & kanji, grammar, reading, and listening

Is JLPT N4 Easy?

The JLPT N4 is the second easiest difficulty for JLPT. Similar to the N5, The N4 focuses on teaching you basic understanding of Japanese that one would learn in class.

What are some resources to study for the JLPT

There are many great resources to study Japanese from traditional textbooks to mobile games. You should ultimately find a resource that best suits your needs and preference to make the most out of your learning. Do check out our article for some of the best learning resources to study Japanese.

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