How to Say – Can I return or exchange this Item in Japanese – Video Guide

Shopping in Japan as a tourist or a short term resident can be daunting – especially if you don’t know how to communicate with staff in Japanese.
This guide will help you to learn a useful phrase so that you can ask the shop staff if you can return or exchange items.
In Japan, store return policies vary from shop to shop. Usually, whether you can return your product depends on the type and the condition of the product.
For example, undergarment, socks, and sanitary items are not returnable due to hygienic concerns. Clothes that are washed or wore are also not eligible for return and exchange.
As a result, it is better for you to ask about the return policy of the shop in advance. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and allows you to feel more comfortable in your purchase.
If you want to return your product and get your money back, you can say:
Sumimasen, kore, henpindekimasuka
Can I return this?
When you wish to exchange your product to a different one, you can say
Sumimasen, Kore, koukandekimasuka
Can I exchange this to a different one?
When you exchange or return something, make sure to bring the receipt. If you purchased the product with a credit card, also bring it along with you so that your money can flow back to you.

Let’s watch a video to recap on these 2 Japanese sentences

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