Lite Intensive Course

Make steady progress on a part-time learning schedule. 2 evenings per week. (2x 50 minute learning sessions per class-day)

Remote Lessons due to Covid-19 Pandemic: We are currently offering all lessons remotely.  You can attend online with a webcam and microphone.  When you fill out a contact inquiry, please let us know that you would like to attend remotely.

With these remote lessons – you can later transition into in-person lessons at no added cost.

Want to make full-time progress on a part-time schedule?  Our Lite Intensive Japanese Course is great for you!

To improve your career opportunities in Japan by focusing on mastering their business level communication.

  • 2 Classes Per Week – (2x 50 minute sessions per class)
  • Learn Practical Japanese for daily life (Genki Textbook Series)
  • Great for working professionals (Evening Schedules)

Course Details

Basic Info

Our Lite Intensive Course is a popular option for working professionals. The benefit of this course is that you can follow a progressive learning path - without having to quit your job to study full-time.  Our courses are offered on a flexible evening schedule and they offer just enough study to not overwhelm you.

If you are a beginner learner who is familiar with the Genki textbook - our beginner courses are a great option that will help you to continue your Japanese skill development.

Our business Japanese course is a useful resource for working professionals looking to improve their career opportunities in Japan by focusing on helping you master your business level Japanese!

Lite Intensive Course Schedule - 2020 - PDF

lite intensive Japanese course schedule

Beginner Japanese Course

For this course we are currently offering levels suited to beginners - using the Genki 1 textbook

Beginner courses 1 - 6 (Lite 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 &  7) and Upper Beginner Courses (Lite 9, 10) are listed in the chart with date and time details.  Please refer to the above image.

Business Japanese Course

from Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2021
Mondays and Wednesdays, 19:10-21:00
2 lessons / day x 2 days / week

Intermediate Japanese Course

Monday and Wednesday, 19:10-21:00

Course Levels

Our Lite Intensive Courses are perfect for beginner to upper beginner Japanese students.  In these courses we utilize the "Genki" Series of Japanese Textbooks.


Genki1 Unit1~5

100mins×16sessions (2months)

Goal: You will be able to have basic conversations using noun sentences, verb sentences, adjective sentences, and existence sentences.


Genki1 Unit6~9

100mins×24sessions (3months)

Goal: You can enjoy conversations mainly using short sentences.Can convey simple opinions and impressions. Also you will learn "te-form" and "short-form", which are conjugations of verbs that are important in beginner grammar.


Genki1 Unit10~12

100mins×24sessions (3months)

Goal: You will be able to use a wide range of expressions such as comparative expressions. You can talk about your schedule and give advice.


100mins×24sessions (3months)

Genki2 Unit13~16

Goal: You will be able to have more natural conversations by learning possible verbs and expressions that express your will. You will be able to make long sentences by using "when~" and adnominal modification.


100mins×24sessions (3months)

Genki2 Unit17~20

Goal: You will be able to have more mature conversations by learning "honorifics", which is one of the symbols of Japanese culture. You will learn expressions that are often used in business, such as "like," "it seems to be~ (hearsay)," and "should."


100mins×24sessions (3months)

Genki2 Unit21~24

Goal: You will learn "passive," "causative," and "passive causative," which are indispensable for business Japanese, and become able to understand the subject in Japanese sentences that do not have a subject.

Intermediate Course

100min session x 2 sessions per week

Mondays and Wednesdays, 19:10-21:00

Material: 中級へ行こう, N3漢字, as well as other original material

Business Japanese Course

100min session x 2 sessions per week

Mondays and Wednesdays, 19:10-21:00

Goal: To improve your career opportunities in Japan by focusing on mastering their business level communication.

Fees and Tuition

Tuition fees are charged on a convenient monthly subscription.  You can join and stop any time - allowing you to control your study schedule.  When you're ready to come back - pick up where you left off.