Are you new to Coto? Get 10 Speaking Practice Sessions online for less than $5 each!

Are you thinking about Online Japanese lessons? At Coto we are offering a welcome package to new students for a limited time.

One of the hardest parts of learning Japanese is finding the opportunities to speak Japanese with native Japanese speakers – this is especially true for students who do not live in Japan.

That is why we are excited to announce that Coto online is now offering a welcome package for new students! If you have been thinking about studying with us for online lessons – we have great news for you.

What is the Coto Online “Welcome Package”?

The Coto Online “Welcome Package” is a lesson package only available for new students to use 1 time. It allows you to have 10 points with our online system.

At Coto Online – you can receive one 25 minute long speaking practice session with a native speaker for just one point.

Each 50 minute regular learning lesson is 4 points.

This means that with the welcome package – you could receive:

  • 10x – 25 minute speaking sessions
  • 2x – 50 minute learning sessions
  • 1x – 50 minute learning session & 6x 25 minute speaking practice sessions

With the welcome package – you are able to trial different types and durations of lessons to find one that matches your learning style.

What are Speaking Practice sessions, how are they conducted?

Speaking practice sessions at Coto online are a way for you to have a free talk conversation with a native Japanese speaker. This will allow you to feel comfortable forming sentences in Japanese.

Each speaking session is a free conversation session – which means that you will not be studying – rather you will be practicing your speaking and encouraged by a tandem native speaker that allows you to output.

How can I purchase a welcome package and reserve online Japanese lessons with Coto?

Visit us at – then sign up for a free account by clicking the sign up button and filling out the form.

Once you are logged in to your account – you can then visit the purchase points page and then buy a welcome package.

You are able to use the points up to 30 days after purchase.

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