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Mutsuki Sasaki

Mutsuki Sasaki

About Mutsuki Sasaki


Mutsuki San has a wide range of overseas experience –


While in University, Mutsuki-san spent 5 months in the Philippines studying English abroad, 7 months in Canada (on a working holiday) and 9 months in the United States as an intern for an IT company.


After returning to Japan for work – Mutsuki-san spent 3 years working as a sales person at an IT company.


Her Hobbies are


Watching movies, traveling, and communicating with people across cultures.


We asked Mutsuki-san how she would like to help learners at Coto –


“In addition to supporting Japanese language learning, I would like to provide a place where I can feel at ease even when I am tired of Japanese life.”


 She joined Coto in hopes of utilizing her overseas and cross-cultural experience as she would like to globalize Japan.