Kimie Abo


Kimie Abo

School Manager

Kimie Abo graduated from The University of Tokyo (majoring in Japanese language education) and earned her Masters of vocabulary acquisition at The University of Hitotsubashi. Currently working on her doctorate, Kimie brings her wealth of language knowledge to each class.

Her father was a famous sumo wrestler and is now the manager of Kasugano stables, one of the most successful stables with six sekitori wrestlers.

Co-author of “新完全マスター日本語能力試験 N2 語彙”. (3Aネットワーク)


Personal Statement

I want to help ‘remove the walls’ that inhibit the progress of learners. I think that when it comes to language, and this is true for native speakers as well, it is something that one continues to study and learn throughout their life and we are here to enable you to become independent learners in much the same way with respect to Japanese.