Business Japanese Communication Course

A 2 month course to reach Business Japanese fluency.

Coto Academy offers a Business Japanese Communication course for those students wishing to greatly improve their Japanese for professional purposes. The course is designed to improve your everyday spoken and written Japanese and especially to promote fluency in business communication.

Course overview 

 Business Japanese

Students will master the essential terminology and phrases used in Japanese workplaces.

 Explanation Training

Coto Academy has developed an original training method to help students acquiring smooth conversation abilities and get confident in expressing their thoughts and ideas in Japanese. The course is focused in particular on work related conversations.

 Business Emails and Report

The course includes an extensive written communication training: business email & professional reports.

 Business Culture & Manners

The course introduces common cultural difficulties through role play, teaching efficient strategies to work smoothly with a Japanese team. Tips and advices are given to navigate successfully the Japanese business world.

 EQ Test & Workshop

The course includes an EQ workshop to encourage students discovering their emotional strengths and weaknesses. The awareness of soft skills is useful in work and life in general.

 Job Interview Training & Career Consultation

The course includes a 60 minute session with a Japanese professional to help you build a career plan  and job interview training.


This course is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve got a Japanese JLPT N3 – N2 level, but lack confidence in your speaking abilities
  • You’re searching employment or looking for a career change in Japan
  • You’re looking to improve your business Japanese communication skills quickly

Business Japanese Communication Course – 4 sessions per year

  • May 8th  ~ June 30th
  • July 3rd  ~ August 25th
  • September 4th ~ October 27th

Course details

Time: 13:30 – 17:00

Mondays – Fridays

3 to 12 students maximum


2 month course: ¥200,000

*New student Enrollment fee: ¥10,000
*Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate.