4 Weeks Business Japanese Course

Learn the etiquette and vernacular of doing business in Japan.

4 Weeks Business Japanese Course

The Four-Week Business Intensive Course at Coto is a crash course in business Japanese for those who want to put their Japanese skills to use and work in Japan. It is recommended for people who are thinking about starting a career or a new job in Japan.


1. Keigo (Polite Language) and formal words
Keigo is an essential element of Japanese business.The business course at Coto emphasizes creating a firm foundation with repeated practice to pick up basic keigo and formal expressions that are essential in the business scene, eventually enabling you to use them fluently.

2. Setting-Specific Expressions
In Japanese business there are a range of set expressions for different scenarios, with set greetings which differ depending on whether you are visiting a client, meeting for an appointment or speaking over the phone. We will master such common expressions over the four weeks, practicing them many times so that you can use them immediately when you need them.

3. Getting Your Point Of View AcrossーExplanation Training
It is essential that you are equipped with expressions for those occasions in business where you need to convey your opinions or ideas. In the course, we will use Coto’s original material for explanation training to brush up your abilities for expression.

4. Business Creation Workshop
In the Business Creation Workshop, you will get hands-on experience of a business environment by planning and presenting a concept and business model for a product/service. This will create opportunities to pick up related vocabulary and become equipped with needed presentation skills.

Lesson Schedule

Monday – Friday
9:30 – 12:30 or 14:10 – 17:00

Tuition Fee


*¥10,000 initial registration fee.
*¥4,000 for textbook and materials.

*In case of absence, up to 4 lessons in the course can be replaced by one private lesson.