Japanese Language Lessons in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Online – 2020 Update – FAQ

Many of our students have questions about what types of Japanese lessons we have available at our Tokyo and Yokohama locations – as well as what types of lessons we are offering online.

In this blog we will include a list of links to all of the different types of Japanese courses that we have available.

Part-Time Japanese Lessons in Tokyo – Learn Japanese in a small group environment with a speaking focus. Students love the flexible scheduling and ample opportunities for speaking practice.

These Japanese courses have open enrollment and provide an opportunity to focus on practicing speciific skills based on different topics.

Intensive Japanese Courses in Tokyo – Learn Japanese Intensively in these 5 day per week classes. These comprehensive classes are 3 hours per day in either the morning or the afternoon.

They cover every aspect of Japanese learning – including reading, speaking, writing, kanji, and grammar.

There are also ample opportunities for pair-work to focus on speaking output.

See what our students are saying about our intensive courses here.

Private Japanese Lessons in Tokyo – Learn Japanese privately in these one to one lessons. Set your own schedule and choose your own topics – courses starting from 4,200 yen per lesson.

Our Yokohama Japanese Language School also has a selection of Japanese language lessons that are similar covering multiple levels and topics.

In addition to this we have both private and small group online lessons available.

Q: How flexible is scheduling for your Japanese lessons? Can I join your classes any time?

A: You can join our lessons on a weekly basis depending on the type of lesson and

Q: What types of payment do you accept for your classes?

A: We accept bank trasfer, wire transfer, cash, credit, debit, and paypal.

Q: Do you offer JLPT prep courses? Can I prepare to pass the JLPT with you?

A: Yes we offer JLPT Prep courses both in-person and online

Q: Can I switch between in-person and online Japanese lessons?

Yes you can! We will be able to transfer your credits in between our learning systems depending on the balance in the account and other conditions. *some conditions will apply.

Q: Can you sponsor my visa so that I can live in Japan?

A: No this is not something that we offer to our students. Most of the students who learn Japanese with us are either short term students on temporary visitor statuses, or long term residents who work in Japan / have been living here already.

Q: What is the difference between your Japanese language school and other Japanese language schools in Yokohama and Tokyo?

A: At Coto we focus on practical capability and language speaking ability. In our courses you will have more opportunity to learn skills that you will truly use in your day to day life in Japan.

Our student body is diverse and mainly made up of long term residents, expats, and short term visitors with an interest in travel or exploring Japan as a potential destination for relocation.

If you would like to get a better idea of what our students are saying about studying Japanese with us – please visit our google review pages:

https://g.page/cotoacademy —- Our Tokyo School
https://g.page/japaneseschoolyokohama — Our Yokohama School

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