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Japanese teacher having online Japanese class
  • Practical Japanese for Beginners

    LEVEL: 入門 - Bタイプ - ¥16,000 /月
  • Lite インテンシブ (Beginner 1-6)

    LEVEL: 初級- Lite インテンシブ - ¥30,000 /月
  • Active Basic Grammar A&B

    LEVEL: 入門・初級 (JLPT N5) - B Type - ¥16,000 /月
  • Essential Grammar & Conversation

    LEVEL: 初級(JLPT N4) - B Type - ¥16,000 /月
  • Bridge to Intermediate

    LEVEL: 初中級 (JLPT N4-N3) - B Type - ¥16,000 /月 または ¥30,000 / 月


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  • JLPT N2 読解

    LEVEL: 中上級 (JLPT N2) - A Type - ¥9,000 / 月
    このコースはJLPT N2試験合格を目指す方のためのコースです。JLPTに出題されそうな読解問題に焦点を当て、実践的な受験対策を行います。
  • JLPT N2 文法

    LEVEL: 中上級 (JLPT N2) - A Type - ¥9,000 / 月
    このコースはJLPT N2試験合格を目指す方のためのコースです。JLPTに出題されそうな文法問題に焦点を当て、実践的な受験対策を行います。
  • ニュースで学ぶ日本語(上級)

    LEVEL: 上級 (JLPT N2-N1) - A Type - ¥9,000/ 月
    ニュースやテレビでよく出てくる時事問題、最近話題になっている出来事について、日本語で会話ができるようになることを目指します。 社会で起こっている出来事にまつわるリアルな語彙力が身に付き、会話力の幅が広がります。
  • 説明力トレーニング(上級)

    LEVEL: 上級 (JLPT N2-N1) - A Type - ¥9,000/月
    具体的なことがらや自分の意見などをわかりやすく相手に伝えられるような説明力を養います。 詳しい説明や描写、叙述ができるようになりたい、場面や話題に応じた話し方ができるようになりたいという方におすすめのコースです。しっかり聞き、きちんと伝えることのできる上級話者を目指します。


  • 新規登録費用¥10,000
  • 教材は別途かかります
50分/ 週一回
$ 80 USD / 月

¥9,000 /月

100 分/ 週一回
$ 140 USD / 月 *

¥16,000 /月

100分 / 週二回
$ 280 USD / 月*

¥30,000 /月

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  • Online Japanese Courses

    Coto offers online Japanese classes.

    There are several types of Online Japanese Lessons that we offer:

    Each of these have different types of instruction and methods - also pricing for them is different.

    1-1 Online Japanese Lessons

    Our 1-1 Online Japanese lessons have two categories of lesson.

    • Speaking Sessions
    • Learning Sessions

    Speaking Sessions are designed to give a speaking practice environment with a native practice partner.

    During these sessions - there is no instruction of new concepts from a teacher - but rather just speaking practice in a free conversation environment.

    Learning Sessions are designed to teach new concepts in an instructive format. This will allow the student to learn new grammar concepts in a linear format with our custom materials.

    If you are interested in exploring availability or have questions about our online lessons - please contact us through email or online at cotoacademy.com

    Online JLPT Prep Courses

    Our online JLPT Prep courses are a bit different.

    We offer them for the following levels of the JLPT:

    These classes could be described as followed:

    • Group class in a "lecture" format
    • Designed to prepare for the written exam
    • Classes are recorded so the student can review on their own

    These classes take place 1x or 2x per week depending on if you are enrolled in both the "Kanji and Vocabulary" and "Grammar and Reading" Components - based on the level of the exam.

    Payment / Enrollment / Duration of the Course

    You may want to know - when do our JLPT Courses start? You can enroll any time - the courses themselves repeat and are paid for on a monthly basis.

    The entire curriculum for our N3, N2, and N1 courses are 6 months each.

    The curriculum is taught in a linear fashion - but there is no set start or end date.

    So, if you joined during month 3 - you would study for months 3,4,5,6, and then start with a new class at 1, and 2.

    To enroll:

    • Visit the course page.
    • Fill out the signup form with your details.
    • We will send you a payment link for the tuition and course materials fee based on your needs.
    • Pay the course materials fee - and we will give you access to the online course system and enroll you. You will be notified about this through email.

      You can learn more at our online JLPT Prep Courses website.

    Online Writing Only Courses

    We have a third type of online lesson and that is our writing only business email course.

    This course does not have a live instructor - rather it is a correspondence course where your written business email assignments are graded and assessed by our professional instructor.

    You can learn more about our business email writing course at our dedicated page.

  • Part-time Courses

    What are Part-time Courses?

    Our Part-time Courses are designed to teach practical aspects of Japanese.

    Instead of a comprehensive approach - part-time courses focus on teaching grammar, speaking, and other topics.

    These courses are good for students who have already learned some Japanese but want to improve their grammar, or their speaking specifically.

    Are Part-time Courses available in the Evenings and on Saturdays?

    Yes they are! You can see a full schedule of our Part-time Courses here: www.cotoacademy.com/course (Click on part-time)

  • Intensive Courses

    How Long Are Your "Intensive Courses"?

    Our Intensive Japanese Language Courses are 3 hours long.
    3 blocks of 50 minute sessions with a 10 minute break in-between.

    How Many Levels Are There for Intensive Courses?

    Intensive course ranges from beginner to advanced Japanese over 16 terms of 4 weeks. Total beginners are most welcome to join our crash course program. More information on our level is available here.

    How Do I Know What Level of Intensive Course to Take?

    Visit us for a free level check and interview - we will be able to determine your level and give you advice on which level of Intensive course would be most appropriate for your Japanese ability.

    You can book a level check by sending us a contact inquiry at https://www.cotoacademy.com/contact