How to Redeliver a parcel in Japan – Japanese Guide

The delivery system in Japan is well-known for its high efficiency and convenience. However, to prevent parcels from getting lost, stolen or damaged, they are usually returned to the post office when the receiver misses it. When this happens, a delivery notice will be posted on the door, the receiver will then use it to schedule a redelivery.

Delivery notice

the delivery notice is a piece of paper with tracking information of the undelivered parcel. It can either be issued from a private post service provider like SAGAWA or the National Japanese Post. The delivery notice is often written as ご不在連絡票(ごふざい れんらくひょう) on the piece of paper.  Although the delivery notice from some private delivery companies may not include English, don’t worry, this article will guide you through the process of scheduling redelivery in Japan.

Methods to Schedule a Redelivery

1. Call the number in the 再配達連絡先(さいはいたつ れんらくさき Redelivery Address) section.
You can call the number to reschedule the date and time to receive your delivery However, you may need to speak Japanese really well in order to do this. As a result, this method is not recommended.
2. Email the required information to the email address written on the delivery notice in Japanese.
Like the first method, unless your Japanese is strong, this method is not recommended to you.
3. Cathe ll 24/7 hotline for English inquiries.
This may be an easy solution, but be aware that a premium charge will be incurred in the call.
4. You may reschedule your delivery by submitting an online application.
This is mostly recommended as it is free of charge and will be easy if you follow the steps below.
Step 1:how to redeliver a parcel in Japan - Japanese guide
Go to Japan Post’s redelivery Website and key in either of the 追跡番号 (ついせき ばんごう)(お問い合わせ番号(おといあわせ ばんごう))or お知らせ番号 (おしらせ ばんごう)written on your delivery notice.  追跡番号(お問い合わせ番号)is the 11/13-digit tracking number and お知らせ番号 is the notice number 6 – 8 digits notice number.  *You only need to key in either of them. Click 次へ進む(つぎへすすむ Proceed to Next) to go to the next step
Step 2: 
how to redeliver a parcel in Japan - Japanese guide
Enter your ZIP code in the first”Please enter your ZIP Code “section.
Choose the date when you missed your parcel in the next section.  Take note that the “Delivery date” refers to the date when your parcel WAS delivered to you and you were not able to receive it.
Under “Please select Mail etc.” section, select the type of mail you are supposed to be received. If you don’t understand what the Japanese words mean, don’t worry, simply match with the number of the mail type of your parcel found on your delivery notice.
Under “please select Direction” select the delivery method you prefer. Here are  the explanations of the different options
ご自宅等 (ごじたくなど) – redelivered to your home
ご近所様に配達(ごきんじょさま に はいたつ) – Redelivered to your neighbor
勤務先に配達(きんむさき に はいたつ) – Redelivered to where you work at
配達を担当している郵便局の窓口でお受け取り(はいたつを たんとうしている ゆうびんきょくの まどぐちで おうけとり) – collect at the post office in charge
他の郵便局の窓口でお受け取り(ほかの ゆうびんきょくの まどぐちで おうけとり) – collect at another post office
Click “次へ進む(つぎへすすむ Proceed to Next)” when you are done.
Step 3: 
how to redeliver a parcel in Japan - Japanese guide
Choose the date and the time period you wish to receive your parcel.  “時間指定なし(じかん していなし) means time period not specified.
Moving down, the “受け取り人様情報の入力(うけとりにんさま じょうほうの にゅうりょく) ” requires the details of the receiver. Under this section, key in the required information. “任意(にんい)” means that the information is optional and “必須(ひっす)” means that the information is required.
You will be directed to a confirmation page when you move on to the next step. Simply check that all information is entered correctly. Click 登録する(とうろくする Submit) to submit the application.
You may be complaining about the slightly troublesome redelivery procedures, but missing your parcel and get it redelivered is may better than losing it. Let’s appreciate the hardworking postmen in Japan!

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