How to work in Japan after studying in a Japanese school

If you are interested in learning Japanese but not sure how to work in Japan, the following information may be useful for you.

Due to the aging population and low birth rate in Japan, the government has relaxed the requirements for its immigration policy to cover for the labour shortage.

Many foreigners have started learning Japanese in Japan or in their home countries and wish to work and live in Japan in the future.

So where to begin?  What is the first step towards finding a job in Japan?

Check your eligibility for getting a working visa

Getting a working visa is the norm for working long-term in Japan. There are some requirements for your educational background when acquiring a working visa. It varies depending on the occupation you will be working as.

However, in most cases, a bachelor degree is the least you need. On a case-by-case basis, lower educational levels are accepted with additional qualifications that prove your ability. Other things like prior working experiences may also be needed for certain positions.

Check out the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website for more details.

Hunt for Jobs

You may feel that this is daunting, however, it can be simple. The short cut to searching for jobs is approaching a one-stop recruitment service providers such as Coto Work.

Many recruitment opportunities offered by big companies available on their website. Professional support will be provided at each stage of your application to make job hunting a worry-free process for you.

Prepare for interviews

Employment opportunities are brought to you by a recruitment service provider. Now you have to strive for your own success by doing well for interviews.

Your performance at an interview is the key to getting your dreamed job offer. We have written some articles about Japanese interviews to help you, don’t miss them.

Brush up on your Business Japanese

Once you get the job offer you wished and are all set to start working in Japan, brushing up on you Japanese will be the last thing to do.

If you are going to work in a Japanese speaking environment, your polite business Japanese must be improved to a point where you can mesh with your teams.

You will be expected to speak business Japanese and practice Japanese business etiquette. The sad truth is that passing certain levels of the JLPT is never enough for this.

To sharpen your Japanese skills, the most effective way is taking up a business Japanese course at a language school while working in Japan. Coto Japanese Academy offers business Japanese courses covering every aspect of business Japanese.

If you wish to learn Japanese in Tokyo, check out our various Japanese courses!

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