A Speciality Business Japanese Course To Improve Your Career Options

A two month business Japanese course designed to help you reach Japanese business fluency with an eye towards career advancement.

Business Japanese Courses


Our Business Japanese Course is designed for students who wish to improve their career opportunities in Japan by focusing on mastering their business level communication.

This course is perfect for you if:

– You have Japanese JLPT N3 or N2 level, and you want to improve business communication skills

– You’re searching employment or looking for a career change in Japan

– You’re looking to improve your business Japanese communication skills quickly

– You’re looking to continue your Japanese studies with an eye towards a potential career in Japan


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Textbooks Used:

“Learn Business Japanese in 30 Hours”

Practical Japanese
“Practical Japanese Conversation for Business People”

Class details

  • One time  ¥10,000 registration fee for new students
  • New enrollment available every Monday
  • Material fee is extra

2019 class schedule

Course Details

Business Japanese Introduction

1: Overview of Business Japanese

Students will start by learning the basics of Keigo and other phrases that are commonly used in the workplace. We will also cover email communication such as making an inquiry using different contexts. You will learn how to properly explain differences in subjects by learning key sentences, vocabulary and case studies.

2: Explanation Training

Coto Academy has developed an original training method to help students acquire smooth conversation abilities and get confident in expressing their thoughts and ideas in Japanese. The class is focused in particular on work-related conversations and offers good real life scenarios that the students can use immediately.

Communication & Culture

3: Business Emails and Reports

The course includes extensive written communication training, including how to write formal business email and reports. Students are required to bring a laptop computer for practice.

4: Business Culture & Manners

This course will introduce common cultural difficulties through role play, teaching efficient strategies to work smoothly with a Japanese team. You will learn how to properly present and explain key data points. Students will practice how to exchange Japanese business cards and write thank you emails.

Work Scenario Role Playing

5: Work Situation Role Playing

As the students near the end of the course, the curriculum will shift to more oral studies. In this class, the students will spend most of the time role-playing common workplace situations.

6: Intercultural Communication

In the final course, the students will recall everything they’ve learned to engage in active discussions on cross-cultural communication. Using role play the students will be able to conduct high-level business conversations in Japanese.