Making Flashcards for Japanese TV Shows – Netflix recommendations for Learning Japanese

Many of our students will be studying remotely and worldwide – many Japanese learners are stuck at home.
In this blog, we want to introduce a great way to get the most out of your Japanese Netflix learning.
This blog will teach you how to do the following:

  • Access Japanese Netflix shows via VPN
  • Use an onscreen dictionary with Netflix shows that have only Japanese subtitles
  • Create flashcard lists based on your shows that you can review.

Before we get started here’s what you will need:

And here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Install Express VPN (optional – only for people outside of Japan)
  2. Add the language learning for chrome extension and turn it on
  3. Add the Gakumei on-screen dictionary and turn it on

Once you Launch a Japanese show on NetFlix – it should look like this – in our example, we are watching Doctor X – which is a Japanese medical drama great for Learning Japanese.
With the language learning for Netflix extension – you will be able to highlight and read the text with Gakumei dictionary – it will look like this.

Step one:  Mouse over the word you would like to add as a flashcard.

Step two: Click add flashcard and create your list.

Step 3: Review flashcards in your list

These are all on-screen functions that you can access without closing your NetFlix window – and you can do them as small breaks in-between episodes or while pausing your show!
Now that you have the technology for it – we recommend that you check out the following shows on Netflix to learn Japanese with:

5 Netflix Shows for Practicing Japanese at Home

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