How to say Exhausted! In Japanese! Ku (く) – Kuta-Kuta

How to Express When You Are Exhausted! – Kuta-Kuta – AIUEO Blog


Feeling Exhausted?
Getting Kuta-Kuta?

Feeling Exhausted?

Let me ask you a question.  How would you usually say “I’m exhausted!!” in Japanese?
You’d probably say “とても疲れた!” (Totemo tsukareta!) or “すごく疲れた!”  (Sugoku tsukareta!)
But have you ever heard of the following saying?
あぁ、もうくたくた〜!!(“Aa~, mou, kuta-kuta~!!”)
くたくたになる” (Kuta-kuta ni naru) refers to “a state in which you are so tired that your body feels weak.”

For example, imagine this Monday morning conversation at the office:
A: What’s wrong? You look tired.
B: I played futsal yesterday for the first time in a long time.
A: That’s awesome!
B: Actually, I haven’t been exercising at all lately. I ended up becoming kuta-kuta after only 2 matches.

Getting Kuta-Kuta?

Has there been a time lately where you’ve become “kuta-kuta”?
After working all day with hardly any time to take a break or having an intense workout to break a sweat at the gym. Did either of these make you feel “kuta-kuta“?
Has there been a time recently that you became “kuta-kuta” from having too much fun?
Such opportunities may be rare when you’re an adult.
But it’s a good way to refresh yourself from time to time.
Speaking of having fun, why not participate in an outdoor music festival this year?  They are often held in the warmer spring and summer seasons.
Every year in July, the biggest outdoor music festival in Japan is held in the mountains of Niigata Prefecture.
The combination of nature and music is truly an amazing experience.  For once, why not just forget about time and drink, eat, walk around, enjoy the music and dance until you become “kuta-kuta“?

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