New Autumn 2020 Japanese Language Lessons in Tokyo

This fall are you interested in improving your Japanese?  

For the Autumn 2020 season we have several new types of Japanese lessons that you may be interested in.

  • Lite Intensive Courses (Study in the evenings after work!)
  • Online Courses (NEW BUSINESS CONSULTING SESSIONS, JLPT N4 Review Course)

Lite Intensive Courses


Are you a beginner learner that has plateaued in your Japanese?  Can you communicate in basic Japanese; but wish you could express yourself more fully?
Do you feel overwhelmed with working and attending lessons?  Then we may have a solution that is a great match for you.

Our new Lite Intensive Japanese Course is a way to regularly improve your Japanese ability.  These Japanese lessons take place 2x per week in the evening and follow a similar format to our full time intensive Japanese courses.

These courses meet 2x per week – with 2 hours of class sessions at each meeting.  

The leveling of these lessons are based on our Intensive courses – so if you are familiar with our intensive course – then you may be familiar with them.

These courses use the Genki textbook series as their base of material – which means that the Japanese you will be learning will be practical and useful for your every day life in Japan.

Online Business Consulting Courses

We are excited to introduce our new Business Coaching sessions for our website – starting from October 1st

Get your questions answered by a Bi-lingual instructor who has more than 10 years of business experience in cross-cultural communication settings. 

This lesson type can be used for:

  • Business Role play
  • Interview Practice
  • Speech Preparation
  • Sales Email Creation and Optimization
  • Sales conversations, company pitches, product introductions.
You can learn more by emailing us at online (at)

JLPT N4 Review Course

Starting early October we are now offering an online course that will provide a comprehensive review of the material covered on the JLPT N4.

This is the perfect course for students who would like to test their knowledge and solidify their understanding of the material that they have already studied.

Taking place over the next two months – this online seminar style Japanese course is a great option for students who would like to study Japanese remotely after work.

Click on the link above to learn more!

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