Survival Japanese Crash Course – Getting started with Japanese in Tokyo

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Have you just moved to Tokyo?  Are you ready to get started learning Japanese?  Choosing a Japanese language course to start learning Japanese can be confusing.  In this article we will share about our Japanese Crash course and what makes it unique.
Our 4 week survival crash course will teach you the basics of the Japanese language used in everyday situations.
In this Japanese Crash Course you will:

  • Learn the basics of Japanese through practical “missions”
  • Practice speaking “Everyday” Japanese
  • Learn the fundamentals of basic Japanese sentence patterns.

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How our beginner course is different from other courses

Real-world Missions
Through our unique “learning missions” – students use classroom time to practice Japanese in the real world.  These missions are designed to help you easily remember through real world practice.
Mission examples:

  • Ask a local for directions
  • Ask for advice at a pharmacy
  • Go shopping at a clothing store

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Speaking Practice
Our crash course allows our students to practice speaking Japanese from day one.  Instead of focusing on learning writing systems – You will start immediately learning how to speak Japanese through easy to remember sentence patterns.

Practical knowledge
We focus on only things that are practical and useful for your every-day life in Japan.  We will not be having you learn things that cannot be used in real life.
You can see a few samples of course materials that we use below.

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