Japanese Days & Month: How to say it correctly

Learning the Japanese days of the week and months of the year is probably one of the easiest lessons that you will have. Let’s start with the days of the week.

The easiest thing to remember is that each day of the week ends with the kanji “曜日” and each day is represented by a different element of nature.

Japanese Days of the Week
Japanese Months
Japanese Dates



How to Say Japanese Days of the Week

曜日げつようび: Monday (Moon)
曜日かようび: Tuesday (Fire)
曜日すいようび: Wednesday (Water)
曜日もくようび: Thursday (Wood)
曜日きんようび: Friday (Gold)
曜日どようび: Saturday (Earth)
曜日にちようび: Sunday (Sun)


Learning the months are even easier as once you know how to count from 1 to 12 you simply add the counter がつ (月) after the number.

How to list Months in Japanese

1月いちがつ: January
2月にがつ: February
3月さんがつ: March
4月しがつ: April
5月ごがつ: May
6月ろくがつ: June
7月しちがつ: July
8月はちがつ: August
9月くがつ: September
10月じゅうがつ: October
11月じゅういちがつ: November
12月じゅうにがつ: December


Let’s finish the lesson with the days of the month. The counter is にち (日) and you can simply add the number of the day. There are a few exceptions that are marked in red that you should pay attention to.

How to say Days of the Month Japanese

ついたち: 1st
ふつか: 2nd
みっか: 3rd
よっか: 4th
いつか: 5th
むいか: 6th
なのか: 7th
ようか: 8th
ここのか: 9th
とうか: 10th
じゅういちにち: 11th
じゅうににち: 12th
じゅうさんにち: 13th
じゅうよっか: 14th
じゅうごにち: 15th
じゅうろくにち: 16th
じゅうしちにち: 17th
じゅうはちにち: 18th
じゅうくにち: 19th
はつか: 20th
にじゅういちにち: 21st
にじゅうににち: 22nd
にじゅうさんにち: 23rd
にじゅうよっか: 24th
にじゅうごにち: 25th
にじゅうろくにち: 26th
にじゅうしちにち: 27th
にじゅうはちにち: 28th
にじゅうくにち: 29th
さんじゅうにち: 30th
さんじゅういちにち: 31st

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