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Skills You Need for Doing Business in Japan

Are you thinking of working in a Japanese environment in Japan? Are you currently working in Japan? If you are, these are the necessary skill sets you need in order to do business in Japan.

1. Using Formal Japanese Expression: Keigo

Keigo (敬語) is necessary for Japanese communication in a business environment. Using proper keigo is able to implement a professional and respectful image of the speaker. No matter how complicated and advanced keigo expression might be, as long as you get the basics correct, you will be able to build good business relationships with your coworkers and clients

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2. Mastering Expression Sets

Various fixed Japanese expressions are used in business contexts, especially expressions for greetings that vary depending on the situation. These expressions are cemented into business practices so it is important that you master them.

3. Conveying your opinion in words

Being able to express your thoughts and ideas clearly with appropriate business expressions is essential. It would be shameful when you cannot express your useful thoughts specifically and clearly because of the lack of business expressions and vocabulary.

4. Understanding Japanese business etiquette

This point is not focusing on the language aspect but on the culture and customs of doing business in Japan. By practicing business etiquette. You will be able to adapt to the Japanese working environment without much struggle. You will also be able to build stronger relationships in your workplace.