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Japanese Digital Marketing Vocabulary List

Are you looking for Japanese digital marketing vocabulary? Do you work in marketing or online content creation in Japan?  Maybe you are a designer or a manager that has to work with a marketing team. Whatever your reason, you may need to know some specific trade jargon in order to conduct business in Japan effectively.

One of the unique things about the Japanese language is that it has multiple writing systems for different types of words based on their origin. Katakana is primarily used to describe the pronunciation of loan words (borrowed from other languages) and this is a huge advantage for us when we learn digitally related vocabulary in Japanese because many of the concepts originate outside of Japan.

This means that many related words that we would like to know are written in Katakana – which makes them easy to read without memorization of Kanji – and easy to say due to similar pronunciation.

Here is a list of useful digital marketing vocabulary as well as flashcards to practice memorizing them.

  • コンテンツ (Kontentsu) – Content
  • コンテンツマーケティング (Kontentsu māketingu) – Content Marketing
  • デジタルメディア – (Dejitaru media) – Digital Media
  • ソーシャルメディア (Sōsharumedia) – Social Media
  • ユーチューブ (Yūchūbu) – Youtube
  • データ (Dēta) – Data
  • コンシューマー (Konshūmā) – Consumer
  • フォーカス (Fōkasu) – Focus
  • ブログ (Burogu) – Blog
  • オウンドメディア (Oundomedia) – Owned Media
  • ブランドの認知 (Burando no ninchi) – Brand Recognition
  • ウェビナー (U~ebinā) – Webinar
  • リスティング広告 (Risutingu kōkoku) – Listing Advertisements
  • ディスプレー広告 (Disupurē kōkoku) – Display Advertisements
  • 交通広告(Kōtsū kōkoku) – Transportation Advertising, Out Of House(OOH)
  • 従来の広告 (Jūrai no kōkoku) – Conventional Advertisement
  • SEO – SEO
  • eコマース (E komāsu) – Ecommerce
  • カスタマージャーニーマップ (Kasutamājānīmappu) – Customer Journey Map
  • アウトソーシング (Autosōshingu) – Outsourcing
  • オピニオンリーダー (Opinionrīdā) – Opinion Leader
  • ファイル (Fairu) – File / Computer File
  • リンク (Rinku) – Link
  • 戦略的 (Senryaku-teki) – Strategic
  • 更新頻度 (Kōshin hindo) – Update Frequency
  • 潜在的顧客 (Senzai-teki kokyaku) – Potential Customer
  • 機会損失 (Kikai Sonshitsu) – Opportunity Loss
  • 予算(Yosan) – Budget
  • 顧客のニーズ (Kokyaku no nīzu) – Customer Needs
  • 検索エンジン最適化 (Kensaku enjin saiteki-ka) – Search Engine Optimization
  • 検索エンジン (Kensaku enjin) – Search Engine
  • 企業の Facebook ページを運用する (Kigyō no feisubukku pēji o un’yō suru) – To operate a companies Facebook page
  • 顧客情報管理 (Kokyaku jōhō kanri) – (CRM) Customer Relationship Management
  • 人口統計 (Jinkō tōkei) – Demographic(s) *For use with ad placement and campaigns
  • 主要業績評価指標 (Shuyō gyōseki hyōka shihyō) – (KPI) Key Performance Indicator
  • 消費者(Shōhisha)- Consumer
  • 顧客満足度 (Kokyaku Manzoku do) – Customer Satisfaction, CS
  • 差別化 (Sabetsu-ka) – Differentiation
  • コモディティー化 (Komoditī-ka)  – Commoditization
  • 顧客価値 (Kokyaku kachi) – Customer Value
  • 経験価値 (Keiken kachi) – Customer Experience
  • 企業の社会的責任 (Kigyōnoshakaitekisekinin) – Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)  

Example Sentences

Some Example Sentences of Selected Vocabulary words in use:

戦略的 (Senryaku-teki) – Strategic
i.e. 戦略的にマーケティングを考える
Senryaku-teki ni maaketingu o kangaeru
To think about marketing strategically.

更新頻度 (Kōshin hindo) – Update Frequency
i.e. ブログの適切な更新頻度はありますか?
Burogu no tekisetsuna kōshin hindo wa arimasu ka?
Is there a proper update frequency for blogs?

潜在的顧客 (Senzai-teki kokyaku) – Potential Customer
i.e. 潜在的顧客を逃すのも機会損失の一つです
Senzai-teki kokyaku o nogasu no mo kikai sonshitsu no hitotsudesu
Missing potential customers is a type of opportunity loss

経験価値 (keiken kachi) – Customer Experience
i.e. 消費者は、製品やサービスだけではなく、経験価値を求めている。
Shōhisha wa, seihin ya sābisu dakede wa naku, keiken kachi o motomete iru.
Consumers are seeking not only products and services, but customer experience.

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