Student Testimonials

Laura Conti

I took private lessons for 6 months during my stay in Tokyo. The teacher was very kind and able to answer all my questions about the Japanese grammar and vocabulary. I think I could improve a lot my fluency in writing and speaking in Japanese. Link to this student’s full review on Google.


A fresh and friendly, professionally organized language school with an efficient administration office. Well qualified and enthusiastic staff teach from a comprehensive design of small group and private lesson options. Wholeheartedly recommended. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Jolinio Vingt-Deux

皆さん、こんにちは! This language school is amazing. Teachers are great, students very motivated, it’s always fun and nice to come to Coto. I’m also taking Online lessons and it’s help me a lot. Best school in Tokyo for sure. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Thomas Chiasson

Believe me. Coto is an amazing Japanese school. Great, Really Great. Very Awesome. Really Terrific. Fantastic. Other schools? Real Losers. Total Disasters. Ask Anyone. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Quasox Wartune

Studying Japanese with very knowledgeable teachers, great fun! COTO academy で 日本語勉強するのがとてもたのしくておもしろい! Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Kim Littani

I just completed the Intermediate 4 Intensive course at Coto. It’s been a great month and I’m happy to say that I notice a difference in how much I can read in my daily life and the grammer that I am using in conversation. I really liked the way the course was structured, with kanji, grammer and conversation practice. We had… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Pol Texido

Very good teachers and services. They focus a lot on speaking, which other schools usually don’t, and using all the vocabulay learned. The price may be a little bit more expensive than other language schools (from my experience), but is completly worth it if you want to learn a lot and practice your speaking. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Samantha Cosentino

This is a great school with a wonderful sense of customer service. The lessons are useful, easily customizable, and come with a very flexible schedule. It’s more expensive than other options, but if you’re looking for reliable, quality service, this is the place! Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Skylar Shulman

I took classes at Coto Academy for one month last summer while doing an internship in Tokyo and it was exactly what I had been looking for. The teachers were absolutely wonderful and I was able to meet many new people through my classes. My Japanese language ability significantly improved after… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Ajumi H

I think joing Coto Japanese Academy helped me improving my Japanese so much more than any other school I have been to before. Huge recommendation. Thanks a lot to all Coto Stuff and the amazing events they are setting up! Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Kirsten M

Professional environment, fantastic teachers and a lovely, informal atmosphere. I loved my time studying here, everyone is making you feel very welcome! Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Josh Gitter

Very professional staff, classes are fun and enlightening. They make learning Japanese easy! Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Stephanie McIntyre

I love taking lessons at Coto Academy! My classes are interesting, challenging, and always contain new phrases and words I find myself using in daily life! I’ve seen so much improvement in my Japanese skill in a short time. My teacher is kind and knowledgeable. The manager is cheerful, friendly, and helpful! Also, the cost is a bargain!… Link to this students full review on Google.

Chris Winkler

Awesome language school! My wife and I studied here for about a year and loved our time. It’s very speaking and activity focused, and a great place for Westerners to learn Japanese. Link to this student’s full review on Google.


Great school. Studied here for a bit. Helped me really good to get a better understanding of Japanese grammar. Teachers are also very friendly. Best thing I liked about this school is that they have evening and weekend classes, so I could easily combine it with my work… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Alan Pang

I’ve spent 7 months studying Japanese in Coto, all the way from the Crash course to Intensive Beginner 6. Great thing about Coto is that the class schedules are very flexible and geared toward English speaking people. I can’t speak a lick of Japanese in the beginning but the course is setup in a way that encourages speaking and makes understanding… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Jennifer Creel

I studied Japanese at Coto for 3 months.
The teachers are very nice and sweet, the pace is good, the vocabulary useful and the learning /break times will coordinated.
It is close by to a combini, so you have easy access to food. They also have vending machines at the school.
Its in the center, so when you go out with your school mates after school you don’t have to make a long journey.
If I would study Japanese again. I would go here. Without hesitation I can recommend Coto.


I’ve been going back and forth to Coto Academy (previously Iidabashi Japanese Language School – when they still rented out apartment rooms!) since coming to Japan in 2009. Great teachers and staff, great environment and I’m glad to see them grow to the language academy they are today. I’ve taken… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Sean PM

I took classes at Coto Academy near Iidabashi station in Tokyo for quite a while. They provided professional teachers, quality lessons and materials and interesting events. The reason I joined is due to their schedule flexibility for professionals and their competitive pricing for classes. The only limitations were…Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Alexandre Charreton

I spent one year studying Japanese, starting from zero, in this school. The teachers are wonderful and really involved. The classes are small enough to be adapted to everybody and it allows to really know your classmates and have a fun time while learning. The learning process is… Link to this student’s full review on Google.


I studied part-time at Coto from 2016 to 2018. My evening classes fit perfectly into my work schedule, and thanks to Coto I was able to reach advanced levels of Japanese and pass the JLPT. Throughout my time there I studied with many different teachers, all of whom were friendly, kind, and highly competent… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Jane Tearle

Studying at Coto Academy was a great experience and introduction to life in Japan. I undertook the four week crash course and the staff were very helpful in getting me enrolled in the right course. The teacher for the class was friendly and helpful, and the weekly class excursions, designed to test… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Korin Redig

I attended Coto Academy for quite a while- I took private lessons to prepare myself to take the N3 of the JLPT. (I took it and passed by the way.) My experience was mostly good- I had a good teacher and the staff was helpful to me most of the time. The teacher accommodated… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Dan Wiesenthal

Really lovely language school with professional and friendly teachers and a good curriculum. I love learning languages, so this is one of my favorite places in Tokyo! 🙂 Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Ross Arnold

I did Japanese classes at Coto on and off around the 2016 / 2017 time-frame and felt that I got a lot out of it, especially the intensive courses. They have a good range of instruction levels that cover many different levels of language skill.The instructors are high quality… Link to this students’ full review on Google.

Isabel Sophie

I studied Coto’s intensive course for 3 months. It’s very well structured, and due to the small class size you get a lot of chances to speak and practise. Coto’s teachers are all very friendly and have a good attitude towards learning and teaching. I… Link to this student’s full review on Google.


It’s a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth the price. I learned a lot from the teachers, and the community is unique and fun. I took an evening N3 prep class and passed it (solidly, lol) because the class throughly prepares you for the types of questions that appear on the test. I would… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Samar Emara

This institute is the best! They have intensive as well as part time classes. All sorts of classes are available (business-related, JLPT preparation, speaking and conversation…etc). They staff are very well-organized and super helpful. Even choosing the classes is very easy and you can do it online. Most classes… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Bryce Tanner

I’ve attended this school on and off as my schedule permits. The flexibility of the ticket system is quite suitable for self-employed individual, and at reasonable cost.

The teachers have always been friendly and knowledgeable, with a clear intent to improve their students’ situation. Each class is a self-contained study unit, which negates the need to attend consecutive classes, if you’re busy. And the selection of class levels is appropriate for most students, I feel.

Staff are friendly, crazy and eminently helpful. Most can speak English too, so if you’re a beginner to Japanese, you needn’t worry about communication problems.

Additionally, they also provide additional activities such as hiking, conversation evening, and so forth. I’ve always found them to be both entertaining and educational.

The only point needing improvement about Coto, is that most students resume speaking English the instant the teacher has left the room. Even higher level students. I’d like to see Coto promote a more engaged atmosphere when out of the classroom as well, to maximize natural dialogues.

Overall, I can highly recommend Coto, whether you’re a complete beginner to Japanese, or a more advanced student seeking to hone skills in news topics and such.

Mark Schulman

I attended Coto for 2 years, 2016-2018 and had a fantastic experience. The staff was always friendly, helpful and professional. The teachers were great. I took both group and private lessons. If you do private lessons the teachers will tailor the lessons. For example… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Robert Masse

Been taking private lessons for about 2 years and I felt satisfied from the beginning. Teachers are nice and my overall experience is pretty good and feeling improvement. They follow your pace and take the time to explain well. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Smith Claude

I was able to outline my objectives and receive specific instructions on how to achieve them. One on one tutoring with these teachers has been extremely helpful. My test scores have continued to rise since I started taking lessons with them. I strongly recommend Coto. Link to this student’s full review on Google.


this is the best language school in TOKYO. I have studied in few others but none of them is as good as this one.i studied 6 months at this school and I will definitely return again here once travel restrictions are lifted. Thumbs up to staff!! The teachers really do a great job at teaching and the administration is very very professional… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!東京で一番いい学校です。おすすめです!!!Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Brandon Randle

Brandon Google review

Coto Academy is a fantastic place with which to pursue one’s study of the Japanese language. They are professional, courteous, and a pleasure to learn from. The Coto staff are passionate about what they do and about ensuring their students succeed with their goals.

I recommend Coto Academy to anyone who desires to learn more about the Japanese language and culture – and who wants to make friends along the way! Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Sean Anderson

I absolutely LOVED my time with this school, so much so that I was willing to commute over an hour every day over the summer to attend classes. The facilities are homey, especially the study area for between classes where I was able to get my homework done before and after class surrounded by equally eager-to-learn students.

Whenever I am asked about a school for Japanese study, this school is my first recommendation. I hope they continue to expand. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Brett Corbett

I really enjoyed my 6 months of intensive courses here. I felt that the testing processes was fair and helped me find a good group to get started with and the staff and teachers were supportive in helping me improve and make up for missed lessons. In class, the teachers were consistent in their approach and expectations. I needed a… Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Simon Ming

I am taking private lessons and the school is very flexible. There’s always a good vibe and a welcoming atmosphere. Private lessons are of course adapted to my individual needs and study pace. Look no further for your Japanese class!

Quentin Weinsanto

I took courses at Coto Japanese Academy for more than a year (both group and private). You simply can’t go wrong with them. The classes are taught in very small group and clearly focuses on interactivity. Private lessons are flexible and adapted to your needs. All the teachers are great. Really one of the best Japanese language school in Tokyo.

Rui Bom

Outstanding. I’ve learned a few languages at languages schools across the world and Coto is simply ahead of the curve. Teachers are super professional, everything is very efficient as one would expect in Japan and the classes are small (4-6 people) which allows for plenty of face time and practice.

Christina Siegal

The teachers are wonderful and so dedicated in Coto. They make learning fun. The intensive courses are a great way to see a big jump in your understanding of Japanese. In Coto they focus on the practical needs of the individual. I started lessons in Coto Academy now I attend Azabujuban Coto Club and I look forward to each lesson. I highlighly recommend these classes to all my friends. I have tried other private lessons in Tokyo and these are by far the best. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Adinda Purnomosidi

Attended the intensive course for 4 months and totally loved it! Content of the class is relevant to encounter daily life in Tokyo and there are plenty of outside-class events and activities to join. Attended the part time course and the JLPT prep course, too, just to try them out. Part time course is so-so, but the JLPT prep class is pretty good to give you exam tips and strategy. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Diana Chan

Studied at Coto for an intensive Japanese course for 1 month and it was truly a wonderful experience. I had multiple teachers to provide different variety of teaching styles which benefited me in multiple ways. The teacher are also very friendly and fun to learn from. The classes are interactive, structured and professional. The school-vibe itself is fun and environment/interior promotes the learning environment. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Jennifer J

As a language school owner myself, I can safely recommend Coto Japanese Academy. Both their 101 lessons AND intensive courses are first-rate, their teachers are kind and highly professional and their facilities are comfy and conducive to studying (common areas are greatly appreciated). I intend to repeat the experience when I go back, that’s a no-brainer! Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Joseph Tame

I have been coming to Coto Academy for group and then private lessons for over 7 years now – highly recommended. All teachers and staff are extremely professional, passionate about what they’re doing, and caring. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Lorraine C.

I didn’t know any Japanese while living in Japan and my speaking, reading, and comprehension of the language grew so much while taking classes at Coto Japanese Academy. I liked that it was a flexible schedule as I worked full time and I was still able to grow and develop as a student here.
The receptionist staff are so kind, helpful and so kawaii (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵).
Coto Academy、本当にありがとうございます😊 Link to student’s full review on Google.


I have nothing but good things to say about Coto.  Taking their business course helped me in my daily work in Japan. It has allowed me to live my life more fully in Tokyo.


I would highly recommend Coto Japanese Academy to anyone who wants a language school that offers personalized learning.