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How Can I Apply to Coto Language Academy?

First, contact us through our inquiry page. If you are already in Japan, you may call us at 03-6261-4515 or go directly to our reception desk. The application is the same for all type of courses.

*If you have previously studied Japanese, we will arrange a level assessment either by Skype or during an interview in our offices, in order for us to find the class best for your level. We will do our best to make an offer tailored to your needs and ability.

Do You Do Trial Lessons?

We keep our classes to a maximum of 8 students with  a strong focus on active participation and pair work. We don’t offer trial lessons not to disturb our students and to ensure we offer the best learning conditions. Our team will do its best to answer to all your questions and explain our courses atmosphere.

What Are the 10,000 JPY Registration Fees For?

New students pay a one-time registration fee to cover the charge of the administration process and in order for the members to pursue their studies in the best possible environment. The following services are made possible by members’ registration fee.

  • Lesson package discounts
  • Preparation of materials for your lessons
  • Organization of cultural and social events

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