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Can I receive a refund on my intensive course?

We understand that plans change and you may need to alter your study schedule.

Coto proccesses refunds based on when you withdraw from the class.
In some cases – we can offer a full refund. In other cases we offer a partial refund.

Please note that changing when you study with us is regarded as a cancellation.

So for example – if you were going to start intensive course in June, but then you decided to start in September – this would be counted as a cancellation.

If you are doing this before the required cancellation deadline – there is no penalty and you can shift your start date.

If you are leaving the country – we also offer the option to transfer your existing lesson credits / package to online course credits for our Online Courses

Below we have included our terms and conditions for our refund policies which can also be found in our terms and conditions at the bottom of the intensive application – as well as in full at our support base. (COMING SOON)

Please read the terms below to find out if you qualify for a refund.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

 Cancellation and Refund:

These policies are subject to the cooling off guidelines as set forth by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan. Should you wish to cancel the whole transaction, you need to notify us in writing within 8 calendar days of the date of the remittance.  Please contact Coto Japanese Academy for more details.

 In case you receive refund due to cancellation, please apply from the specified forms and select the mode from the methods we specify. The refund must be made to the account in the name of the payer. In addition, please note that if you apply for a refund of 100,000 yen or more multiple times, there will be restrictions on your next contract.

1) We recommend also notifying us by email.

2) Coto Academy retains the enrollment fee in the case of cancellation after course commencement.

3) Coto Academy accepts cancellation on a weekly basis only.

4) Changing the course dates, classes (AM/PM) or level is considered a cancellation.


Refund prior to the course start

1) 15 days or more before course commencement: full refund, no charges.

2) Within 14 days prior to course commencement: tuition will be refunded minus a 15,000 yen cancellation fee.


Refund after the course start

Tuition will be refunded minus a cancellation fee based on rules indicated below.

The deadline for cancellations for the following week is 18:00 on Thursday of the week prior.

A) Coto Academy will retain the weekly tuition cost for the number of weeks counted as completed.

B) Coto Academy will refund the weekly tuition cost for the number of weeks left, minus a 20% cancellation charge.

C) In the case B) exceeds 50,000 yen, the maximum cancellation charge will automatically be set at 50,000 yen.

All refunds will be made by the end of the month after approval of cancellation, by bank transfer or PayPal, minus the transfer fee.

Course Availability

Our Intensive Courses will be open if a minimum of 2 students are enrolled. Classes have a maximum of 8 students. However, if by the time of the scheduled start date, or after the course begins, it occurs that you will be the only student due to other students cancelling, we will provide 2 lessons a day (50 min×2) in your scheduled class time. Regarding any field trips, we will provide 3 lessons as a replacement in the event of you being the single class participant.


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