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Coto Offers Online Japanese Lessons

There are several types of Online Japanese Lessons that we offer:

Each of these have different types of instruction and methods – also pricing for them is different.

1-1 Online Japanese Lessons

Our 1-1 Online Japanese lessons have two categories of lesson.

  • Speaking Sessions
  • Learning Sessions

Speaking Sessions are designed to give a speaking practice environment with a native practice partner.

During these sessions – there is no instruction of new concepts from a teacher – but rather just speaking practice in a free conversation environment.

Learning Sessions are designed to teach new concepts in an instructive format. This will allow the student to learn new grammar concepts in a linear format with our custom materials.

If you are interested in exploring availability or have questions about our online lessons – please contact us through email at online (at)

Online JLPT Prep Courses

Our online JLPT Prep courses are a bit different.

We offer them for the following levels of the JLPT:

These classes could be described as followed:

  • Group Class in a “lecture” format
  • Designed to prepare for the written exam
  • Classes are recorded so the student can review on their own

These classes take place 1x or 2x per week depending on if you are enrolled in both the “Kanji and Vocabulary” and “Grammar and Reading” Components – based on the level of the exam.

Payment / Enrollment / Duration of the Course

You may want to know – when do our JLPT Courses start? You can enroll any time – the courses themselves repeat and are paid for on a monthly basis.

The entire curriculum for our N3, N2, and N1 courses are 6 months each.
The curriculum is taught in a linear fashion – but there is no set start or end date.

So for example if you joined during month 3 – you would study for months 3,4,5,6, and then start with a new class at 1, and 2.

To enroll:

  • Visit the course page.
  • Fill out the sign up form with your details.
  • We will send you a payment link for the tuition and course materials fee based on your needs.
  • Pay the course materials fee – and we will give you access to the online course system and enroll you. You will be notified about this through email.

    You can learn more at our online JLPT Prep Courses website.

Online Writing Only Courses

We have a 3rd type of online lesson and that is our writing only business email course.

This course does not have a live instructor – rather it is a correspondence course where your written business email assignments are graded and assessed by our professional instructor.

You can learn more about our business email writing course at our dedicated page.

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