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What Kind of Courses Are Available at Coto Japanese Academy?

We offer intensive conversation course, part-time group lessons, private & dispatch lesson and JLPT training courses. To know more about our available course, please kindly refer to our course page.

How Many Students Are There in a Class?

At Coto Language Academy, we believe in the power of small classes size. With a maximum of 8 students, our teachers can commit to improve the conversation skills of each student. Approximately 60% of our students come from Europe and North America and the rest from Asia, South America and Latin America. Most of our students are here for professional reasons or to visit family. Some are also here for short time stay. 

Who Are the Teachers?

They are all native Japanese speakers holding professional qualifications and have considerable experience teaching. In order to match the diversity of our students, we employ teachers with a variety of social experiences. All of them understand basic conversational English. 

For more information, you can view our Tokyo teachers here and our Yokohama teachers here.

What Kind of Facilities Does Coto Academy Provide?

We provide a self-study space equipped with electrical outlets. We also offer lounges you can use during lunch and coffee break. Instant coffee and tea are also available for the student to consume. Wifi is also available for the students.

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