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At Coto we use an online scheduling system for Lessons

Online Lesson Scheduling

Please use our online lesson scheduling system to view your lesson schedule and cancel lessons. (Link below)

Your username and password

Set the menu language [日本語/English] before logging in.

Please contact us by 6 pm on the previous day of your lesson via the lesson scheduling system on your student my page. For intensive course participants, please let us know your cancellation via email or face to face at the reception. For non-intensive course students – please use the online scheduling system.

New Reservations
You can book part-time classes online within one month from the current date. If you are taking part-time lessons on the same schedule every week, you need to book lessons online on your own after you cancel some lessons. If you would like to book lessons more than one month ahead, please contact our student support staff to make a reservation.

To reserve other types of classes, please email us at or visit the reception (If you would like to make a reservation – do so at least 3 days in advance to the lesson so that we can ensure your space.).  

If you are an intensive course student please contact us directly either in person or via email for cancellations.

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