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What Are Some JLPT Study Resources?

This page is a growing list.

On this page you can find some of our recommended JLPT Study resources. We also have guides available for passing the JLPT N3, the JLPT N2, and the JLPT N1.

JLPT Practice Tests

JLPT Practice tests are one of the best way to prepare for the JLPT. This is because in addition to preparing you for the actual test content, practice tests prepare you for the test format as well as the time management required to pass.

When taking a JLPT practice test, the best thing you can do for yourself is take it as you would the actual test – time limits, pencils and all.

You can find downloadable practice tests online on websites such as JLPT Sensei.

On websites such as this that provide resources, you should be able to download and print off practice tests for the various sections. Additionally, there should be audio available for the listening parts of the test.

You can find more JLPT listening practice on Youtube. Channels such as JapanesePod101 have hours of JLPT content and listening practice uploaded for your listening pleasure!

Japanese Learning Apps

You can study for free on mobile apps like Bunpo, Obenkyo, and Japanese – all of which are covered in more detail here.

JLPT Grammar Points






JLPT Textbooks

As for textbooks, we recommend the Shin Kanzen Master series. You can buy bundles for N4−N1. There is no N5 textbook in this series.

kanzen master jlpt n2

They are split into Grammar (文法), Vocabulary (語彙), Kanji (漢字), Reading Comprehension (読解) and Listening Comprehension (聴解).

Each book will take you through everything you need to know in each category for the JLPT exam.

For N5 textbooks, check out the Nihongo Fun & Easy or GENKI textbooks as the material they cover is N5 level.

Our JLPT Courses

Coto Academy offers JLPT Prep Courses both in person and online!

We have:

As well as In-person JLPT Lessons at our physical schools!

Send us an inquiry from our contact page for a free level check and consultation!

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