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Realize your dreams to study and live in Japan. Coto School Finder is a trusted study abroad service that helps match you with the right Japanese language school in Japan. Our team will help with your application, document checks and translations for free.

Our Mission

Learning is a part of life, and we strive to give everyone an equal chance to explore the Japanese language and culture, no matter where they are in life. Our goal is to build a bridge between Japan and the world. That is why we want to support international creatives through every stage: learning Japanese, finding the right job and living in Japan — all while celebrating diversity.

Our Story

We began in 2000 as a group of volunteer Japanese language teachers in a small, one-bedroom apartment. We shift away from the notion of learning Japanese from a textbook and instead focus on discovering how we can help people from international backgrounds improve their life quality through the Japanese language and better opportunities.


It started at Coto Academy, our language school. As a short-term language school, we have met hundreds of motivated learners who want to move and study in Japan — but couldn’t. And we know there’s a better way to support them.

We began to partner with the best language schools all around Japan. Acting as a bridge between you and the right school, we figured out how to make the process of studying in Japan easier and more transparent.

Our Services

Coto World provides language education and career support for Japanese residents with international backgrounds.

Coto Academy & Coto Club

We welcomed more than 8,000 students to our Japanese class. In small group lessons of up to 8 people, we use original teaching materials that meet the needs of those living in Japan and offer flexible lessons according to their experience and understanding of Japanese language learning.

coto Work

Leveraging our wide industry contacts and the talent and dedication of our internal team, we are able to offer a dynamic yet flexible recruitment service to our clients and candidates.

Coto School Finder

Coto is excited to offer a new study abroad service that helps match people with the right Japanese language school in Japan. Partnering with almost 20 schools, our team will help with your application, document checks and translations.

Our History


Four volunteer Japanese teachers who met in the Japanese language volunteer group WAIWAI established “Iidabashi Japanese Language Institute”.

We started offering mainly private lessons, in one room of an apartment in Iidabashi


We published our first Japanese learning textbook Nihongo Fun and Easy.


Our Japanese language school created a 3-week intensive course for international residents in Japan.


We established Be Unique Co., Ltd. as an official corporation! We began to create original teaching materials and started flexible group lessons called “Nihongo Plus”


The team decided to expand and relocate our school. We finally rebranded to Coto Language Academy — the name we know today!


Opened Coto Work, the recruitment division of Coto World connecting tech companies with talented candidates.


Opened sister branch Coto Japanese Club in Azabujuban. We also published our second Japanese textbook, “Nihongo Fun & Easy 2”


Due to popular demand, we launched Coto Online Japanese Academy to help those unable to travel to Japan. We also changed our corporate name to Coto World Co., Ltd.


We opened our second Coto Academy school in Yokohama!


We launched Coto School Finder to help those wanting to study Japanese long-term with a student visa. Our first long-term students start on April 2023 session.


Yukiko Watanabe


In 2000, Yukiko-san started off as a volunteer, teaching Japanese with her friends in a two-bedroom apartment in Iidabashi. Her goal wasn’t to just teach Japanese to foreigners. She wanted to support them in enjoying their life in Japan. After establishing Coto Academy, Coto Club and Coto Work (our recruitment division), her mission is to help as many people as possible to realize their dream of living and studying in Japan.​​ 

Sam Bleakly

Marketing Director

Sam joined in 2018 as a Marketing Manager for Coto Academy and has always been passionate about language learning. As a tri-lingual who has lived and worked in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and now Tokyo, he plans and executes marketing strategies and led the creative direction for our school. 


Coto World

3F Iidabashi Building, 4-9-4 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku 102-0072


The Coto School Finder team is excited to help you with your Japanese language learning journey. Whether you’re trying to find the right school or needing help with your admission, we’re here to help and provide you with a free consultation.