Quick Guide: Express Your Emotions in Japanese

Posted by on November 2, 2016 – Japanese Study
Express Your Emotions in Japanese

How do you express your emotions in Japanese? If you’re learning Japanese, it’s helpful to know how to let other know what you’re feeling. We’ve gathered a quick list of essential words that will come in handy, but don’t worry about memorizing too much!


  • わら – to laugh
  • める – to encourage
  • よろこ – to celebrate, to be jubilant, to have joy
  • なぐさめる – to console
  • かなしむ – to be sad
  • – to cry
  • 怒るおこ – to be angry
  • 叱るしか – to scold
  • あきるきる – to be disinterested, to be bored, to be tired of, to be weary
  • おどろ – to be astonished, to be surprised, to be scared
  • 感謝かんしゃするー to be grateful


  • うれしい – happy
  • かなしい – sad
  • ずかしい ー shy
  • さびしい淋しい – lonely
  • こわ恐い – scary
  • つら – painful, heart-breaking

Among the various expressions existing to express emotions in Japanese, 感動かんどうする is a beautiful one. Composed with the kanji for feelings and the kanji for motion, this verb expresses having strong feeling, especially of sadness or sympathy.

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