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Lite Intensive Course

All-rounder course that improves your Japanese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills with a fixed schedule.

Lesson Points: 2 Lesson Points

Recommended plan: Subscription Plan

I want to learn Japanese at my own pace!

These are the classes that will suit you...

Part-time Course

Drop-in style course that focuses on Japanese conversational practice that will fit your busy schedule.

Lesson Points: 2 Lesson Points

Recommended plan: Package Plan

I want to pass the JLPT!

These are the classes that will suit you...

JLPT Instructions & Exercise Course

Lecture-style course that aims to help you ace your JLPT by solving JLPT questions with clear explanations! 

Lesson Points: 2 Lesson Points

Recommended plan: Subscription Plan

I want one-on-one Japanese lessons!

These are the classes that will suit you...

Private Lessons

1-on-1 style courses that are personalized to your Japanese study experience, comprehension, and needs!

Lesson Points: 4 Lesson Points

Recommended plan: Package Plan

"You are not only limited to one type of course! Expand your Japanese potential with us!"

Student's Words


The teachers are very nice, and the class is enjoyable. I love Coto's original materials. They differ from other materials I have used before and focus on useful conversational phrases.

- Elizabeth Kam



Coto Online helped me a lot as I can now communicate with my loved one's family members. The teachers I have is also really nice. I will continue to study with Coto to pass JLPT N3, which is my Japanese learning goal.

- Aimee Dib


I like Coto Online; the platform is easy to use. The teachers helped me a lot in learning Japanese, which allowed me to live in Japan smoothly. I took courses that allowed free topic conversations and more.

- Camilo Sampedro


Ways To Purchase A Course!

Points are the currency that the Coto Online System uses to book lessons.

We use the points system to create a flexible yet well-structured learning environment.

As mentioned, group lessons cost 2 points, and private lessons cost 4 points.


Buy the lesson points you need! Recommended for students who want to have trial lessons or to take courses when suitable.


10,400 JPY

Valid for
30 days


50,400 JPY

Valid for
120 days


100,000 JPY

Valid for
240 days


190,000 JPY

Valid for
480 days


376,000 JPY

Valid for
960 days


Continuously learning and saving time! Recommended for students who want to take several lessons each week.


9,600 JPY

per month

8 Points

Valid for 35 days


16,800 JPY

per month

16 Points

Valid for 35 days


32,000 JPY

per month

32 Points

Valid for 35 days


45,600 JPY

per month

48 Points

Valid for 35 days

We believe continuous learning leads to progress.

Learning a foreign language is a gradual process that requires sustained effort over time. By setting expiration dates for lesson points, we encourage our students to engage in regular study sessions, fostering steady progress. 

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