New! Online Intensive Japanese Course for 2022

Last Updated on 14.01.2022 by Coto Japanese Language School

We’re thrilled to announce that students can now take an online intensive Japanese course at Coto Japanese Academy. Taught by experienced and professional native instructors, the course is aimed at individuals who want to achieve maximum Japanese progress in minimal time from anywhere in the world.

Still, studying Japanese is no easy feat. This is why our mission has always been to make the whole learning process fun, but just as effective. For that, we offer a wide range of Japanese courses for our students, no matter what level they start and where they live. 

Applications for our January and February intakes are available. For inquiries, contact us at [email protected].

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Who is the online Japanese course perfect for?

We understand that not everyone can visit our Japanese language school in Tokyo or Yokohama in person. Some of us live far away, in another prefecture, or even outside Japan. With fewer options to choose from, students may settle with other lesson alternatives that do not match their expectations.

We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality Japanese language service. For that, we take logistical and distance problems out of the equation — while keeping the same teaching method that has helped more than 9,000 students achieve their target.

Our online Japanese course is perfect for students who live overseas. It’s also a viable solution for international residents who are too busy or don’t have the time to attend classes in person.  

What’s an online Japanese intensive course?

Our intensive Japanese course is designed to dramatically improve your Japanese in a short period of time. By making it online, our Japanese class allows students to only focus on building their Japanese speaking confidence — no more commuting or scheduling conflicts. Specifically, our intensive courses are suitable for students wishing to immerse themselves in Japanese, even when they’re overseas.

Currently, we’re opening intensive courses for beginners, but other more intermediate and advanced will be made available.

What can we expect from the online Japanese intensive course?

Our courses will help students acquire all four core components of the Japanese language: writing, reading, speaking and listening. 

Not only that, we want you to learn Japanese that are applicable immediately. For that, Coto Japanese Academy puts a strong focus on Japanese conversations and practical skills to help students enjoy their lives in or outside Japan. 

Depending on your learning goals and Japanese level, you will learn new kanji and grammar points. Along the way, you’ll build up the confidence to converse naturally in Japanese. 

What’s the format of the online intensive Japanese course?

Lessons last for 4 weeks and are held 5 days a week on the weekdays (Monday to Friday). Depending on the level and class you enroll at, morning and evening courses are available. 

Lessons are conducted via Zoom. Keep in mind that all the time schedules are listed on Japanese Standard Time (JST). We will use a mix of self-developed class materials and Genki textbooks.

Benefits of joining online intensive Japanese course

Small focus group

We do our best to provide a supportive learning environment to help you stay engaged. This is why we limit each class to eight students: so you have more chances to speak Japanese and build a genuine connection with your classmates and native teachers. 

Our professional Coto instructors will also want to focus on your growth. Fewer students allow them to better oversee your progress and provide personalized feedback.

Fun and interactive Japanese lessons 

At Coto, we view learning as a marathon, not a sprint. We know the importance of staying motivated when it comes to learning Japanese. This is why we make our classes something that you look forward to. In other words, we want to make learning fun and easy. We do this by encouraging our students to be proactive and make our lesson materials interesting. You’ll do a lot of roleplays and participate in fun class activities. 

Focus on the “real” Japanese

The class covers all aspects of the Japanese language, but we also put importance on learning beyond textbooks. We include Japanese modules that you can immediately use in real-life situations.

For that matter, you will learn layers of Japanese culture and manners that you won’t find in books. We want to prepare you for the “real” Japan. 

Achieve full-time progress in a short period

Our online intensive course only lasts for four weeks, but you’ll learn Japanese at a pace quicker than the average. It’s designed for effective learning, helping you achieve your goal and develop deep fluency in Japanese in the shortest possible time.

Schedule for the 2022 online intensive course

Please see the year-round 2022 intensive course schedule below.

online intensive course schedule

New terms will open every month, and we are planning to give more options for our online intensive course. Some classes may get filled out fast. To secure a spot, we advise you to register three weeks in advance before the starting date. 

The course fee for the online intensive course is 60,000 yen.

January 2022 Online Intensive Course

Start date: January 10 – February 4 | Monday – Friday

Beginner 1 (Genki L1-5) 11:10-13:00
Beginner 5 (Genki 17-20) 14:10-16:00

February 2022 Online Intensive Course

Start date: February 7 – March 4 | Monday – Friday

Beginner 2 (Genki L6-9) 11:10-13:00
Beginner 6 (Genki 21-23) 14:10-16:00

How to sign up for the online intensive Japanese course

You can contact us at [email protected] or visit our course page here. We provide other options for online group and private courses, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced. 

Not sure about your Japanese level? Take our free Japanese level assessment

What’s your Japanese learning goal and how far away are you from it? If you’re unsure where you are, we provide a free Japanese level check. After that, you can book a free consultation with our course coordinator. From here, we want to hear about your schedule and preferences and suggest the best lesson plan for you. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you achieve your Japanese language target.

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